Ryan Is On Starsona


A new phenomena I’ve been noticing in the noosphere of the online world are video shout-outs from public figures via various video-sharing platforms.

Whilst most of these platforms seem to be entirely about funnelling money into the pockets of celebrities on the market share of their fame or infamy, a site called Starsona seems to go an extra step by encouraging a more charitable minded approach towards the distribution of funds, i.e. enabling you to nominate a charity to crowdfund.

As a somewhat notorious public figure who has been hounded from “mainstream” social media platforms by astroturf anarchists and their top-end of town handlers, I thought I’d try my hand at creating some product that helps out a charity.

Having lived with epilepsy most of my life I thought I’d nominate Jeans for Genes, which as most Australians would know is a charity with the express purpose of helping kids with genetic disorders such as epilepsy.

You can find my profile here: https://starsona.com/ryanfletcher

I’m offering the following services:

1. A Ryan Rant – A video of an animated avatar (of your choosing) coupled with personalised narration from myself on any topic of your liking and accompanying memes relevant to set subject. Price $50

2. Custom Cartoons – I’ll draw a cartoon (Full Colour or Black & White) customised to your specifications. Price $25

3. Personalized Shoutout, Announcement, or Video Q&A. Price $14.88

If you’re looking to help out a good cause and like the idea of getting product in return why not hit me up with a request and I’ll help you out…

Find me at: https://starsona.com/ryanfletcher