A Ryan Rant – Episode 123 – Tactical Twitter Trap


A technical term trademarked by a certain transnational organisation founded by a certain agent who worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence turned New Age religious leader, portrays perfectly the mechanism by which a certain anti-gentile occupation government mesmerises and murders a nation.

This Mishnah malware which is prevalent through-out the milieu of social media had terminated me from the likes of Twitter back around 2017 for knowing too much. But like Lazarus I have arisen and returned to tenaciously talk truth, against those shuckling to the shredding of White history in order to install Noahide hegemony that will domesticate and destroy their enemies.

With Hasidic Haaretz writers like Elad Nehorai feigning concern over health and liberties, which frankly have fostered the failings of the fallen state of feygeles, its funny that the Chosen are so tone deaf to their pathological inclination to exaggerate harm to heighten hostilities in which to enrich themselves.

But as the likes of Laura Loomer interpret free speech as being reserved only for those who fanatically favour Israel, there probably has never been a better time for Former Governor Jesse Ventura to run as a Green Party Presidential candidate against the red and blue kosher cartels.

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