A Ryan Rant – Episode 122 – Tip Of The Spore, Smoke Of The Weed


In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus communicates to his disciples that “many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.” In the current year some hasbara hucksters who’ve hoarded huge sums hustling homeopathic tier horsecrap to hope-starved audiences, are so audacious about their wealth and success that they can barely conceal their disdain for those of us working run of the mill jobs.

Whilst there are an array of awful people out there clinging to awful ideas, according to a certain grumbling Golgothan, those of us breaking our backs in care facilities dealing with the drudgery are supposedly glued to Netflix and Porn whilst having orgies, getting drunk and doing drugs.

Whilst I’ll be the last person to judge a man for utilising a god given plant to address their euphoric and medicinal needs, I find it repugnant that some e-celeb CIA backed radio bruiser who has smoked pot LIVE on air himself would project these characterisations unto care workers and nurses. Particularly when set big-headed bruiser has got done in for drink driving after fighting with the wife, and engaging in questionable online pornography viewing habits himself.

I’m not sure whether this talkback toadstool has contracted amnesia after eating a “big bowl of chilli” or something, but seeing as though part of his funding comes from soliciting snake-oil products produced by publicly presenting Jewish owned alt-health companies, perhaps the Talmudic Texan shouldn’t throw proverbial stones at healthcare workers.

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