A Ryan Rant – Episode 121 – Parasitic Power Produces Perpetual Paranoia


A common crutch for White people coping with the cancer of kleptocratic kritarchy is to profess their covenant with constitution. Yet most White people not totally disconnected from their critical faculties are able to discern that constitutions and covenants are good when afforded to your racial in-groups yet prove to be totally pointless when afforded to hostile out-groups who want you and your kin dead.

This speaks to the proverbial panopticon prison of the spirit and mind which obfuscates awareness of objective reality by instilling processes of Mossad tier mesmerisation amongst mongrelised masses with allegiances to kosher ideological axioms, so to speak.

In the case of Communism a certain Talmudic out-group was able to exterminate millions within national racial majority groups in order to enrich this particular parasitic out-group with power.

This is epitomised by those who prostrate themselves before some Orwellian re-definition of “freedom”, which propels compromised fraudsters and fiends to positions of absolute power and affluence. Thusly disseminating demonstrable fallacies are Satanic whilst the revolutionary act of telling the truth is the only real path to freedom.

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