Trusting the media is dangerous for your health


Watching the reactions of Aussies to shortages of toilet paper and non-perishable food in supermarkets has been an interesting case study in herd psychology and the madness of crowds.

The majority of people, who rely upon the mainstream media for their news and views and so have not prepared for a global pandemic, are shocked and outraged at images of toilet paper missing from supermarket shelves. These are people who have never seen stores emptied of goods except in images from overseas or maybe during natural disasters. They’re people who take normal for granted, and trust the made-up millionaires on the screen in their living room to tell them what’s happening, what’s real and what’s not every night.

They’ve outsourced their thinking and given responsibility for their needs and those of their families over to government, academia and media elites. Now their illusion of dependent security is being challenged by the reality of a global pandemic, they’re panicking and losing their cool.

Who are they blaming for their fear? The journalists who lied to them about the risks? The Chinese who lied about their condition and brought the bug here? The government who have prioritised GDP and Chinese interests over the Australian people and our interests?

No. That’s not who our scared fellow Australians blame for their fear and lack of preparedness. They blame those of us who have paid attention, thought for ourselves, taken responsibility and stocked up ahead of the storm. The ‘panic buyers’ who are now chilled out and ready for potential self-quarantine while they are losing their minds.

I first warned readers six weeks ago that what was happening in Wuhan was not the flu. Our family started preparing shortly before then. I’m sure many of you readers did too. That’s why you’re probably not panicking as you read this.

For years now, we in the alt-media sphere have been warning that the media is the mouthpiece of the establishment and the establishment cannot be trusted. The only people who believe the fictions of democracy, rights and freedoms are the docile tax-and-debt slaves who get their thinking from TV. The people who administer us here in Australia and the people they serve in New York and London have nothing but contempt for the great unwashed whose wealth they steal through the banks and the government.

Our internationalist elite do not see themselves as representatives of the people. They view the people as gullible and useless eaters who have to be managed to ensure they stay docile.

Kind of like how a farmer views cows.

Perhaps this is why our elites are determined to destroy our standard of living through obviously bogus energy ‘solutions’ to an obviously bogus warming planet problem?

If you believe the media, that’s just a conspiracy theory.

Am I saying you should now get on YouTube and start believing whatever the Google algorithms decide to show you to watch?

No. The alternative media too is full of people who have made money playing Chicken Little with their audiences for years, even decades now. If you follow the goldbug community or the anti-Big-Pharma community or the Agenda 2030 crowd or the Illuminati-NWO-lizard people types, and I bet some of you do, you’ll know what I’m talking about. There have been plenty of ‘content creators’ over the years who have made names and even small fortunes by scaring people over nothing.

But there are also quite a few informed, decent people who have seen trouble coming and spoken up to warn and inform the rest of us.

There is a civilisational crisis coming. Our society will be very different in ten years to what it was ten years ago. The Grand Solar Minimum has begun, we’ve reached global debt saturation which is showing up in the repo market crisis and the ‘unipolar moment’ of American power has passed, increasing the likelihood of regional wars and maybe another global one in the coming decade.

The 2020’s are gonna be lit.

We’re also approaching a point at which the elites who despise us may no longer need us. They’ll soon have robots to manufacture and deliver their goods and fight their wars and AI to determine and meet their needs. They’ll have achieved the godlike post-pleb singularity longed for by tyrants since the Flood.

And that means the billions of humans who enabled the singularity will become disposable.

But first, however, a new global financial and governmental system will need to be engineered and rolled out. We plebs must be made as dependent upon the system as possible, so that when the big red buttons get pushed we’re least able to flee and organise any type of self-sufficiency or even resistance. An example of this type of problem might be pesky proles doing a bank run and stashing cash away from the greedy hands of the bankers and politicians who need that wealth for their agenda.

This is where a government-controlled cryptocurrency might come in handy.

Nah, that’s just another crazy conspiracy theory.

Like the outlandish theory that the wet market where the virus allegedly began is just 300 metres from the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, a controversial level 4 bioweapon research lab opened in 2017 despite protests from around the world.

This obvious connection between Chinese bioweapon research and the release of the virus in the wet market has even forced the media to report on it.

Perhaps this explains why COVID-19 is so hard to pin down. Maybe it explains why COVID-19 has HIV insertions in its RNA and HIV and Ebola drugs are being tested to treat it. Maybe it’s why this “flu” also attacks the central nervous system. Perhaps it also explains why there has been so much confusion and contradiction in the messaging coming from authorities about the virus.

On top of this, Chinese researchers have published preliminary findings that indicate there are two strains of COVID-19, one more lethal and the other more transmissive. This would explain why those of us who follow the alt-media instead of establishment mouthpieces were seeing scenes in Wuhan in January and early February resembling a zombie apocalypse, but most countries since then have seen rapid spread but relatively mild cases.

Either way, it’ll soon be impossible to find out now that the Chinese government has demolished the wet market.

You will learn none of this from the mainstream media. By the time they inform the public, the time to act on the information will have passed. You’ll be paying $50 for toilet paper. Or worse.

The toilet paper will come back. In the meantime, there are many other consequences of this suspicious “just a flu” outbreak from China that the public aren’t being warned about by the media. We just saw central banks around the world slash interest rates to near zero. In the US, the Fed hasn’t had an emergency meeting to do that since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. What do they know that they’re not telling us?

This storm is just getting started folks, and we can expect a severe deflationary event, recession and shortages in the next few months as the shock of the world’s manufacturing hub going offline hits like a financial and economic tsunami.

We’re in the stage now at which the water has receded from the beach and there’s an eerie calm. It’s not going to last.

The time to educate yourself and start preparing for a rapidly changing society is now. Don’t let yourself be complacent once you see the toilet paper back in the supermarket. The water has left the beach. Get moving.

And turn off that damn TV.

Originally published at End Times Herald.