The mask has slipped: Australia is not rich & free


As far as national anthems go, ours is pretty bad. Waltzing Matilda would’ve been a way better option.

It’s also not true, and hasn’t been for a long time.

Australians all let us rejoice,
For we are young and free;
We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil;
Our home is girt by sea;

No we don’t. We haven’t had ‘wealth for toil’ for decades. We’ve relied on wealth from debt to fuel a consumerist binge and real estate frenzy while our elites deindustrialised us and handed the means of wealth creation to Chinese communists who hate our guts.

And anyone who pointed out the lunacy of such policies was branded a racist or mocked as an old white male loser who just couldn’t compete. All while the real wealth creation of manufacturing was offshored and the debt grew to levels unprecedented in human history.

Our children will look back in astonishment at how we could have been so mad. But we weren’t mad. We were too trusting and too naive.

Australians are a fundamentally decent people, the usual problems with a sinful nature aside. We tell the truth and we expect others to tell the truth, and so when our elites lied to us and told us that debt didn’t matter, it was good debt and real estate was a sure thing for your financial security, we borrowed. And borrowed. And borrowed.

The foundation of the wealth the West has enjoyed, led first by the British and then the Americans, has been due to our control of international sea trade and global manufacturing. That was what fueled the Industrial Revolution that enabled us to win the wars and enabled our banking elite to expand their financial system to all of the planet. We got rich by making things and selling them.

Now, Australia can’t even make basic protective equipment for our health workers as they prepare to face the worst plague in a century.

Across the country, doctors are freaking out about the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) in our hospitals. While East Asian countries have proper sets of PPE for doctors and nurses fighting the tsunami of pneumonia cases that COVID-19 generates, Australian medical staff are being told to reuse face masks and are banned from wearing surgical masks during general duties around the hospital.

From the piece above:

“The masks are meant to be single use,” one anaesthetist said.

“For example, if four patients are having an operation in one day, then ideally you would use four masks.

“Instead, we’re asked to reuse them so that in a few weeks’ time if all of a sudden there are no masks then at least we can go back to that — because the other option is [we’ll have] nothing.”

Once ICU’s are overwhelmed and we see scenes like in Wuhan or Milan, a lack of PPE for frontline health staff will be a death sentence for many. This is because the amount of virus a personal receives, known as the ‘infectious dose’, is crucial in determining not only the probability of infection but also the severity of the case you develop.

Masks are vital in helping to prevent the spread of any virus, particularly one as virulent as COVID-19. They save lives.

Yet despite that, our elites are telling the public that we shouldn’t be wearing masks in public. NSW Health has even accused the doctors of lying. Here is Dr Chris Zappala from the piece quoted above:

People running around in surgical masks in the community are not really protecting themselves and they’re almost certainly not using masks properly. That sort of use takes the mask availability away from workers on the front line.

Such breathtaking arrogance and dishonesty. Doctors disagree entirely, as does anyone with half a brain who doesn’t get paid to lie.

The reason the authorities are lying to us about mask effectiveness is because we don’t have any. Just like we don’t have any PPE suits for the healthcare staff themselves.


When the reality of an imminent global pandemic became apparent back in January, our government scoffed that it was dangerous. The ‘just the flu’ message that many in the community repeated all through February came from the very top of our political and media establishment.

Then, once the reality of a global super-pneumonia wave hit, we got told we had to ‘flatten the curve‘. Quarantines were coming. Lockdowns probably inevitable. Everybody freaked out and bought toilet paper.

Now we’re facing the prospect of police and military using the force of the state to keep us all cooped up with our kids, so that we can postpone the inevitable tidal wave of sputtering death this bug will bring.

Are they giving themselves time to produce the required PPE for the medical fight, once the wave hits?


But still they keep lying to us about why we don’t have surgical masks and protective equipment. Just like they lied about the virus to begin with, and they’ve lied about the effectiveness of the measures put in place to fight the plague since.

They keep calling the hundreds of billions in government debt they’re racking up ‘stimulus’. Like a fiscal cattle prod for the nation. It’s another lie. They’re not stimulating anything. They’re borrowing a huge percentage of our entire GDP at one go from international bankers and splurging it, to cover up the collapse of the financial system occurring in the background.

Our children will be paying back this debt to the international bankers for a very long time.

And while our leaders are lying, our economy is dying. The real economy. Not the bogus construct that politicians grandstand about on the telly. The one that actually feeds, clothes and provides for people. What’s coming won’t be a recession. It’ll be at least as bad as the 1930’s or the 1890’s.

Is that the real reason why we’re being put under police lockdown?

Dark times are coming, and so far our ruling class has proven itself totally unworthy of the challenge. We have been cruising on past successes for decades, and avoiding unpleasant reality while we did. Now the moment of reckoning is at hand. History is back with a sneeze.

Some of us will die from this pneumonia. For the rest of us, our freedom and prosperity is looking very sick as well.

Originally published at End Times Herald.