Pandemic Panic


Last week a relative of mine went to buy a freezer, but due to the panic buying that has been going on they have all been bought out. She was told that more might be available in late April. Yesterday I went to buy a big bag of dry cat food and if it was available some toilet paper. I didn’t buy either as they weren’t available, but it was nice that they were in the same aisle directly opposite each other, or at least they were supposed to be.

This panic buying demonstrates how little trust people really have in politicians and our institutions. For many people in our multicultural paradise of course our institutions are foreign institutions. They do not know them, understand them or trust them. However, that also extends to many of our own people who have also lost trust in these self same institutions. Then again, maybe that is the right attitude as they failed to stop this panic. The media fueled it, the politicians were indecisive, the supermarkets were quite happy to sell 3,000,000 toilet rolls to everyone who wanted them. No one it seems had the common sense to simply say stop!

Now the politicians have decided to be decisive and they have overreacted. Their decisions will now lead to a recession, if we’re lucky, if we’re not, depression. Shutting down economic activity is going to have an impact and you and I will get to pay for it whether this turns out to be the black death or a complete fizzer. I lean heavily towards fizzer.

Unless the politicians know something that we don’t. Because from what we have been told the current measures are massively out of proportion. Of course if they know something that we don’t, why don’t we know it?

From the reporting I notice that the media gets confused, on purpose or because of ignorance I don’t know, between:

  • Someone who has coronavirus.
  • Someone who is sick because they have coronvirus.
  • People who have died from coronvirus

They seem to mix these up as if they are the same thing. We still don’t know even basic information, such as what race or ethnicity are most affected for example. No, instead they insist that we are all equally at risk. Something that is never true. Entire countries are being shut down and no one even has a mass testing program in the pipeline. Do we even have the ability to do mass testing or have we outsourced that as well?

Currently in Australia as of 22 March 2020, the Australian government has announced.

  • 127,000 people have been tested in Australia.
  • 1,098 cases have been confirmed.
  • 7 have died

The economic risks that we are currently undergoing we will be paying off for decades. Today the Australian government has announced a $66 billion stimulus package. When I said the Liberals were no better than Labor I was right. Instead of a surplus this year we will get at least another decade of debt. Even if they get serious about getting rid of our debt, which they absolutely are not going to be doing.

The Australian rules football season which started on Friday has been postponed. New South Wales and Victoria are going into lockdown with all non essential services to be banned.

From Sky News:

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said Victorians will still be able to go to the “supermarket, the bank, the pharmacy and other essential stores” but services deemed unnecessary will be closed.

What happens if I am wrong and people start dying in large numbers?

How will any of this work?

The panic has not just been in the supermarkets, it has been active in the highest offices in the world.

Unless they know something about this virus that they aren’t telling us!

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