Emperor Trump & the fall of the American republic


Just after President Trump’s State of the Union in January, Vice President Pence made a potentially explosive statement during an interview on Fox which went largely unnoticed. He stated in response to a question about Nancy Pelosi ripping up the president’s speech that, “I just have a strong feeling that she’s going to be the last speaker to sit in that chair for a long time.”

Not the last Democract speaker, but the last speaker period. You can check it out for yourself.

Did he misspeak? Maybe. But unlike Creepy Joe Biden, Mike Pence is known as a man who carefully weighs his words before speaking. It would be a rare mistake for him to make such a statement and then not retract it afterward.

But the vice president is not the only person indicating that President Trump will be the last president. The other person doing it is the president himself.

Does he mean Don Jr? Again, maybe. But he hints at it with increasing frequency.

I know many of you readers will love the idea. The permanent Trump presidency. After Donald, his kids. Then their kids. Trolling the left for eternity and still promising to build the wall, end the corruption and jail the Clintons, while making Israel Greater again.

Trump Derangement Syndrome of the left for eternity. There’s an appeal to it for sure.

The thing is, it would be the end of the American constitution. It would make the fall of the American republic official. And if you think that can’t happen then you don’t know your history. It’s exactly what happened in the civilisation that America modeled its constitution upon: Rome.

I first wrote about Trump resembling a postmodern Julius Caesar in 2016, and subsequent events have only made that theory become more plausible.

My professional background is as a history teacher. It’s something I love to do. It’s also what I did my PhD in, and one of the key concepts I always get my students to understand is that history is not accidental. It’s not random. It is not just one damn thing after another. It has patterns that present themselves cyclically, and while you have to be careful when interpreting historical cycles due to their complexity, they can be perceived and understood.

This is not a new idea. The ancient Greeks called it anacyclosis, and linked it to the political cycle. Soviet economist Nikolai Kondratiev and market researcher Martin Armstrong have developed frameworks for understanding how the cyclical nature of time impacts not just markets but all areas of life, and it was something which strongly influenced interwar reactionary thinkers such as Spengler. More recently, social scientists Strauss and Howe have put forward a cyclical theory of history based upon generational patterns. You can get a sense of their ideas in the excellent interview Neil Howe did with Real Vision recently on what’s coming in the 2020’s.

There is a cycle to things, and long periods of stability are inevitably followed by short periods of intense instability. It’s just the way it is, like waves at the beach.

And it is during periods of crisis and turmoil as well that great innovations are developed and great changes are made. The transcontinental railroad in the US, for example, was begun during the Civil War. The Hoover Dam was built during the Depression. The Social Security Act in the US was passed during the same time period, and LBJ’s Great Society welfare program legislation was passed during the crisis of the 1960’s. The crisis of the 1930’s led to authoritarian leaders rising up everywhere. It’s just the pattern.

When the sun is shining and people are fat and happy, they keep the status quo. When the storm clouds arrive and the peasants are marching on the palace, things get done.

So what makes me so confident that we are about to see revolutionary changes in the political system of the West? The fact that, if you’re paying attention, there are storm clouds everywhere.

Right now fear of plague is sweeping the globe to an extent not seen since 1918. The Federal Reserve is pumping trillions into an obscure debt market in a futile attempt to prevent Global Financial Crisis 2.0 from erupting, while central banks everywhere have interest rates at or near 5000-year lows. NATO member Turkey and Russia are eyeball-to-eyeball over Western-backed terrorists in Idlib, Syria. And the sun has just entered a Grand Solar Minimum, which will cause extreme weather anomalies and disruptions to agricultural production globally into the 2030’s.

There isn’t one crisis coming. There’s a handful of them, all hitting during the 2020’s. This isn’t 1990, folks. We thought the rollercoaster of history was over because things seemed so stable. As usual, we were wrong. It’s time to buckle up.

Trump is on track to win the election this November. The Democrats seem about to split between the gibsmedat Bernie bros and the brainwashed minions of the establishment whose best friends are their TV and their cat. Should Trump win, violence will erupt. The pressure is just too great, and the militant left have had time now to organise quietly. Antifa-style anarcho-whatevers are supported by large segments of the media, academia, the intelligence agencies and the political class. A civil war, or possible outbreak of political terrorism which justifies suspension of the US Constitution, is not unlikely. Martial law could be imposed temporarily, then not withdrawn.

The cycle of history recurring, as it always does.

This isn’t a panic piece. There’s no need for fear. For the young and the alert, what’s coming will probably present more opportunity than threat. We’re facing a civilisational bushfire the likes of which we mightn’t have seen for centuries.

The thing about bushfires, however, is that they tend to burn the big, established trees, thereby leaving opportunity for new green shoots to emerge after the flames. That’s us.

No-one knows what that landscape will look like, but we can make some guesses based upon the patterns of the past. For my part, I expect to see a new Octavian ruling in Washington.

And the people will love it.

Originally published at End Times Herald.