Creating a famine to stop a plague


Back in January, I wrote about Chinese in Australia stripping the country of health and medical supplies to send back home to China for personal profit and national self-interest.

Chinese shoppers begin stripping Sydney shelves of health, medical supplies

Back then, such a story was just a racist far right conspiracy theory.

Now it’s news.

Perhaps fear of a plague brings out the honesty in people.

The haphazard, dishonest and ineffective national response to the Chinese virus has revealed just how dysfunctional and weak our society has become. The people whose country spread the virus in the first place, and who demanded that we don’t notice the origin of the virus because doing so was racist, were stripping our country of the supplies we would need once the pandemic spread here. Which they were bringing.

And what were our leaders telling us to do?

Not be racist.

And now, as Australian frontline medical staff prepare to face the worst plague in a century to hit this country without the necessary protective equipment, the Chinese are boasting about how wonderful their medical system is for bringing the plague under control.

They’re even showing off their supplies online.


It didn’t have to be this way. Of all the countries in the world, Australia was best positioned to face this bug if we’d had a political culture and state apparatus which functioned in pursuit of the national interest. We could have kept our lives and our jobs.

Now both are at risk.

Our intelligence agencies would have known this Wuhan bug was coming by January at the latest. If my readers knew, they certainly did. We know that senior US officials were briefed well before the public, and that some of them sold their stock before the crash in anticipation. So did Jeff Bezos in the first week of February, while 219 other CEO’s stepped down in the first months of the year.

I bet they have toilet paper.

Had our government immediately stopped flights from China and launched a national effort to 3d print as many ventilators, build as many ICU wards and produce as many masks as possible, we could have ridden this plague out without the catastrophic consequences. Elderly people would have needed to self-isolate, but they’re retired anyway. They could skip bingo. People would have died, but we wouldn’t have had to stop the whole country.

And we might have avoided the extreme depression which is about to hit us in the face like a sneeze at a Chinatown restaurant.

We’ve destroyed our economy, created a lost generation of Australian workers and added hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt. Our currency has tanked 15% over the last month and our banks have now become international weapons of mass financial destruction.

But at least we weren’t racist.

I’ve made it clear in previous articles that I don’t believe this virus is zoonotic. I don’t think this thing jumped from a bat to a pangolin to a human or whatever. I think it was made. The timing is just too suspicious, given that global financial markets were already showing signs of another systemic crisis.

Not being an expert, however, I have to accept that I could be wrong about that. I’ve seen convincing cases arguing both sides.

In a way though, it doesn’t matter. Regardless of whether God or man made this thing, the response to it and the timing of that response is deeply suspicious. The tardy response of the WHO, the hysterical alarmism which came out of Johns Hopkins University and the confused messaging of the media have all contributed to the diabolical situation we face.

Maybe you put all of that down to incompetence and human error. I’m less generous. I suspect foul play. Check out this video from Bill Gates’ Event 201, held on October 18 last year in New York. Surely this can’t be that much of a super-coincidence?

Like seriously. C’mon.

These are the same people who have pushed the global warming farce onto us peasants of the world. The types of people who used to believe in Malthusian predictions about populations running out of food, or ozone layer depletion that would make it impossible for people to go outside by the early 2000’s.

It’s interesting to note that the Robocop 2 plot revolves around a pension fund crisis and the bankruptcy of Detroit, and the privatisation of the assets of the city. Unlike the disappearing ozone layer, a pension fund crisis and municipal bankruptcies in the US will be in the news this year.

All thanks to socialism, not capitalism.

Since the foundation of Western-led modern industrial capitalism, there has been a segment of society who hate it and the people who created it. They hate that there is a creative class in modern societies who generate enormous wealth for themselves and others despite usually little formal education. Rather than admire such achievement, they resent and envy those who they see as less educated but who are richer, happier and freer than they are.

The most obvious example of this type of misanthropic mutant was Karl Marx. A smelly alcoholic loser who inherited and squandered riches, he was consumed with envy and hatred and dressed it up as concern for the poor. We see the same type of personality profile in those who concern themselves with the environment or women’s rights or indigenous people or sodomy festivals. It’s all the same mindset.

These people are positively giddy about shutting down Western capitalism. It’ll make all their Marxist theories about the final revolution at the end of history come true.

These people are dangerous.

Just as dangerous are billionaires who think the world needs to re-organised along technocratic lines to make it more efficient and rational. They love models and data and are pretty much always wrong.

Billionaires like Bill Gates. If you’ve lost your job, or like us you have friends who have, remind them that it wasn’t capitalism that brought about this disaster. It was an overly arrogant globalist overclass who believe they can mould reality to suit their ideology, and that we plebs should be grateful for them doing so.

These people caused this crisis. They’re the ones who turned a plague into a plague and a famine due to their overly intellectual, ideological response to the virus.

They’re even more deadly than a Chinese sneeze.

Originally published at End Times Herald.