A Ryan Rant – Episode 114 – Khazar Corona Containment


As many people continue to conflate China with the cause of the current contagion, a growing amount of observers are noticing a certain pandemic profiteering parasite, not being spoken about in the corporate controlled fake news media.

With Uncle Sam cutting a YUGE cheque to sustain certain interests above that of the gentile citizenry, who quite frankly are in the direct crosshairs of containment, and brain AIDS from the verminous paedophile Hollywood celebrity class, supposedly it is those of us with affinity for White people who have no institutional power who are to blame.

Thusly the quackery of the fiendish Leftist plague doctor is contrasted with the cartoonish clown-world caricature of Whiteness, which compounds the truth causing cracks in the canards propagated by the kippah wearers seeking goyim death.

This is why their bane is once again the bald angry White man strategically imitating art derived from the pages of Jewish comic books, as their villainous impulse to collapse currencies and cause global devastation becomes more apparent to the casual observer.

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