A Ryan Rant – Episode 113 – Cast Off That Which Can’t Be Cured


As Jewish paedophile communists mirror Gab shitposts to Twitter to publicly signal their handlers in ASIO, CIA, NSA and FBI as to which punditry is to be purged for anti-globalist guilt by association, Australia is apparently getting a second wind of common sense thanks to the present pandemic. Some people say this a much needed glimmer of hope for the resurgence of W.A.P. Australiana.

As we’ve been framing in the last couple of episodes, the configuration of the political compass is calibrating the conscientious quarantined gentile compatriot to the reality of an age old truism.

Those of us with an affinity for traditional norms and virtues which underpin the pillars of occidental openness, are totally averse to the establishment of the Noahide hegemony of the Third Temple Talmudic technocracy.

Whilst we all know Asians are really good at math, Mel is really good at making glaring coincidences compel the public consciousness to realising that ‘You can fool some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool time.’

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