A Ryan Rant – Episode 111 – Bug Eating Boogaloo With COVID-19 Echoes


With uncle Blumpfberg unable to name the “hidden enemy” in triple parenthesis that has induced loser tier outcomes for the occident, precious little pinko ‘panickers’ are pissing themselves as they realize the coronavirus pandemic has great potential in revealing the reality of diversified anarcho- tyranny more commonly known as clownworld in chaos.

Like a corrosive ‘ism’ intended to spread kosher brain aids to the unwary cornball conservative struggling to decipher the Haman-istic gematria behind Jewish germ-warfare, the corona cash flow is intended to bolster carnage rather than comprehensive health care.

As local supermarkets descend into North Korean supply territory, and entitled boogaloo deniers profess the virtues of bug eating, Chinese multinational conglomerates are buying up DisneyTM and AppleTM stock, to fulfil the prophecies disseminated by the all-knowing InfoWarsTM who implore you to bite the bait which glows.

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