A Ryan Rant – Episode 109 – The Pintele Plague


The Chabad-Lubavitch mafia are attempting to characterise the coronavirus as a ‘fallacious trope’ as it were, dreamt up by people who “hate” them for supposedly no good reason. With the notorious paedophile protecting Zionist terror lobby jumping on this very talking point the other day, it should be of little surprise this will be added to the long list of things that the kosher power structure will legalistically use to oppress their gentile enemies.

If we ignore the contention surrounding Jewish Harvard scientist Charles Lieber for the moment, and focus on the fact that the most hygienic form of greeting is condemned as the most abhorrent evil gesture ever by the current year Zionist criminal kleptocrat establishment, should we really be surprised that a certain “kosher spark” is in the proverbial crosshairs of blame?

True to the foundational chapter and verse of their identity to divide, conquer and exterminate, their strategy of using vexatious malicious litigation to destroy their opponents, is purely complimented by their compulsive DNST3 delusions of decimating nations.

Like the pernicious Plague doctor of old who charged gentiles additional fees for quackery, similar to certain CIA/military funded Zionist Shabbos shills in the current year, the symptoms are merely a secondary concern when their cause is to kill us all.

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