A Ryan Rant – Episode 104 – Do The Math On The Power Of J


One doesn’t need to be an expert mathematician to crunch the numbers on a certain contested historical event, which forms the foundational myth of a certain homeland, the core influence of the deteriorating super-power which was America, and the drug dependence inducing immigration and reparations out of Germany.

Some people point to a certain chess tier double attack manoeuvre being orchestrated by a certain player, who is hostile to the occidental opponent who poses the greatest threat to their world-wide hegemony.

People point out this certain subversive player has a leadership that radiates psychotic vindictiveness, and lacks the simplest of sensibility with regards to human dignity. Hence the perpetual inclination to conjure up conflict after conflict in order to divide and conquer the will of the gentile.

Thus crushing the soul of the White opponent requires not merely the corruption of the consciousness but the eradication of the phenotype.

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