A Ryan Rant – Episode 103 – The Mitzvah Mafia Wants White Christians Dead


Last month the Zionist criminal “security services” of the quisling Australian government, propagated extensively throughout the mainstream corporate media cartels and directly towards policymakers that pro-White and pro-Nationalist advocates, activists and pundits be deemed “extremists” and legitimate suspects for potential terrorist attacks.

The push for this initiative has been spearheaded by syndicates affiliated with the World Jewish Congress, B’nai B’rith and the broader Chabad movement. They’ve continued to cite the case of Brenton Tarrant as the foundation to their anti-Australian Nationalism Noahide agenda for wholesale elimination of European and Christian influence in Australia.

As I previously outlined, the case of Brenton Tarrant, whilst not an inconceivable occurrence given what has been inflicted upon the occident, is surrounded by anomalies such as his trip to Israel in 2016 which suggests he had in part been incited by fed Zionist gaslighting.

Not only that but the schizophrenic way that organised Jewry accuses gentiles to their Left and Right of being anti-Jew, when in reality Brenton Tarrant was operating out of the same playbook as organised Jewry’s “hero” Baruch Goldstein, is indicative of the cognitive dissonance in which they are struggling to impose upon the broader Australian psyche.

Hence as organised Jewry lies about what goes on in Israel, as they outright organise the catastrophe that is destroying Europe, America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, it is crystal clear what these organisations are about and what they want done with all who oppose them.

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