It snowed in Tasmania, Baghdad and Hawaii this week


Summer snow fell across highland Tasmania on Monday morning.

Snowfalls were reported at Mount Wellington, Cradle Mountain, Lake St Clair and elsewhere. The snow was accompanied by over 30mm of rain in 24 hours in Western Tasmania, and followed on from 40C heat in Hobart over the weekend.

The unseasonal spate of weather in Tasmania was occurring the same week as other parts of the planet were also experiencing unusual snowfalls. Snow fell on Baghdad on Wednesday for only the second time in a century, delighting local residents.

While snowfall in eastern Canada is usual for this time of year, the amount of snow experienced this winter has stunned residents of the region. After the Canadian military was called to dig out Newfoundland after Snowmageddon, more snow storms have hit the region.

Snow is falling either in quantities or in places unheard of before in living memory around the world.

These anomalous weather events are occurring with increasing frequency. Shortly after the worst bushfires since 1851 in Australia, the east coast of New South Wales experienced widespread flooding. Around the world, previously stable weather patterns are being disrupted.

These strange weather events are coinciding with increasing volcanic activity, agricultural and human pandemics and the largest locust plague in Africa in up to 70 years.

The establishment are telling the public these are to do with the theory of man-made global warming (AGW), however the events we are seeing are far more chaotic and widespread than AGW can explain. Global warming should not be occasioning greater earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The theory of carbon-driven global warming also cannot explain the cyclical cooling and warming phases the planet has experienced for billions of years, most recently during the Little Ice Age from 1300 to 1850.

The only theory which can explain the strange and potentially catastrophic changes we are facing around the world is the Grand Solar Minimum.

We are entering a period of declining energy output from the sun. It is part of the sun’s natural cycle, and through a complex set of effects on Earth will cause overall lower temperatures and an increase in temperature volatility everywhere.

We entered the Grand Solar Minimum period in 2018, and effects will intensify into the 2030’s. The time to begin preparing is now.

Originally published at End Times Herald.