A Ryan Rant – Episode 98 – Institutional Blueish Privilege And Power


The Jewish ‘interpretation’ of history has foundationally and intently been as fake as a $3 dollar bill. Yet this recessive revisionism has been wielded by Jews as a survival mechanism designed to hoodwink their unsuspecting ‘bewildered herd’ hosts into accepting their Hebrew hegemony of Tikkun Olam.

Despite the sentiment of America’s chief paedophile protecting criminal syndicate, the six primary corporations which control and influence the majority of the globalist media cartels, are unquestionably and Kabbalistically corrosive to Christian culture.

Manipulating the mentally unstable with a mish-mash of misandrist midrash madness, the White European female gentile is instructed to reject ALL healthy evolutionary impulses, and kowtow to Talmudic treachery that encourages extermination of the phenotype.

Typified by two operative axioms as espoused by the founder of the World Jewish Congress Nahum Goldmann, the money power of tyranny sustains a rabidly ruthless global network of incorporated terrorism.

While the Zionist ruling class of psychopaths and criminals make virtuous martyrs out of men like Major General Soleimani, terminate the employment of soldiers who make the OK hand-sign, and rely on garbage Golgothans to generate “intelligence”, the White awakening is compelled to accelerate its equal and opposite reaction.

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