A Ryan Rant – Episode 91 – Coronageddon


Most folks have probably ascertained some information about the dreaded “Wu Flu” more commonly known as the coronavirus by now. While it appears to be a major headache for the Chinese at the moment, as well as a major transnational transmittable threat to the broader world, it’s memetic influence online is spreading as fast as the disease itself.

While some have been focusing on certain people’s palate being the problem for the outbreak, some people have been able to find a food-savvy silver lining to the crisis, which China might want to take advantage of considering their circumstances.

Others focusing on the barrier to infection trope, are trying their best to promote the idea that major contagion shouldn’t kill your sex life, which quite frankly is a meme worth promoting to all those “classical Liberal” types that have been telling us the virtues of “legal” migration replacement.

While the debate rages as to whether the coronavirus will end up being a 12 Monkeys Armageddon scenario, fact is the best way to treat communicable disease that’ll supposedly wipe out humanity is to naturally nuke the source.

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