A Ryan Rant – Episode 102 – The Green Gematria Of Grand Dragons


The Sulzberger owned New York Times has penned a piece that suggests that White-centric punditry is cheering on Green politics as a palpable memetic trope to win over zoomer climate-cultists.

With the coronavirus arising as a plausible pandemic threat around the globe, the kosher cartoonish characterisation of Green White Nationalism is typified by the Marvel-esque Malthusian Thanos, while the hasbara tree-huggers are painted as heroically on par with the Ted Turner tier Captain Planet.

Whilst the Right-of-Center conjure up an adolescent avatar to combat the Grand Dragon of the Green Klan, it has made more sense to rank-and-file Whiteness advocates to merely meme Greta Thunberg to greater heights with Malthusian math.

Thusly the Green gematria of the current year discourse boils down to the 14 words and the 88 precepts.

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