A Ryan Rant – Episode 100 – Two Sides Of The Same Shekel


In the 2020 Presidential race between the Democrip and Rebloodican cartels, it appears the two options are typically Talmudic, what with one an elderly Jewish DSA marginal Senator and the other a functionally Jewish Zio-con sitting President.

As was the case with Trump in the 2016 race for the Rebloodican nomination, Sanders rank and file operatives have made similar declarations if he doesn’t get the Democrip nomination in 2020.

With mixed moods having arisen from the tenets of Trump, most informed pundits would agree that the cognitive-dissonance of culture decline correlates with certain preferential persuasions emanating from the oval office.

In the case of comrade Bolshevik Bernie the decline most definitely isn’t redirected but rather pursued with more aggressive vigour. Hence why whether it be the verklempt vulgarities of uncle Blumpfberg, or the promises of free everything for zoomers by zayde Bernie, the agenda of the Ashkenazi astroturfing organisers is to orchestrate a world where ZOG armies can saturate White gentile homes with enough CS gas that their children’s spines snap from violent convulsions.

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