A Ryan Rant – Episode 90 – Batty Bolsheviks And Marxist Mutants


Men’s rights advocate Bettina Arndt who was bestowed an Order of Australia award this year for promoting “gender equity through advocacy for men”, has been fending off the typical moonbat mouth frothing from low-life garbage Golgothans who lick toilet seats to fight “misogyny” and “racism”.

Premier Daniel “Dick Ears” Andrew’s chief bleach blonde feminist fruitcake Attorney-General Jill Hennessy, has come out the other day trying to strip Bettina Arndt of her award because Jill is clearly of the opinion that men should have NO rights what-so-ever.

Australia’s chief misandrist campaigner Rosie Batty, who has previously received Order of Australia titles and whose notoriety stems from her son getting killed with a cricket bat and a knife after she brought him back to Australia to be with her mentally unstable Hare Krishna father Greg Anderson, has come out applauding Jill Hennessy for this move.

Now far be it for me to suggest that Jill and Rosie’s acolytes are grotesque verminous sacks of crap, who derive their entitlement from bullsh-t Marxist social science degrees that are far less useful than toilet paper, but despite their pussy-hat squawking about how Australia and the Western world is oppressive towards their insanity, real women should be denouncing Jill and Rosie as the oxygen thieves that are.

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