A Ryan Rant – Episode 89 – Greta The Globalist Golgothan


Today it’s been reported that Greta Thunberg will be trademarking her name like Scientology theology, in order to fend off against edgelords who illustrate the perversity that underpins her bogus astroturf activism.

Greta, who is widely noted as having rabid ANTIFA communist terrorists as parents, is routinely rolled out alongside establishment figures like former U.S. President Barack Obama, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, former Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and heir apparent to the British throne Prince Charles just to name a few.

Greta, whose laughable nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize last year has totally decimated the current year credibility of that award, is on record sharing her parent’s batshit genocidal communist worldview, while being asked to testify before the United States congress, and the globalist World Economic Forum as some kind of pseudo-expert.

Her moonbat Leftist acolytes who support post-birth abortion and routinely make death threats against conservative right-of-centre teens, are imposing a double standard with Thunberg, because criticism of this little autistic ANTIFA adolescent girl is an affront to their globohomo “justice” agenda.

With Soros lieutenant Luisa-Marie Neubauer regularly seen alongside Greta at public events, it’s pretty clear as to who this little Bolshevik brat is working for, and why the paedophile presstitutes are doing their best to write-off anyone who has an aversion to murals of this Marxist mutant being erected in their communities.

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