A Ryan Rant – Episode 86 – The Rally In Richmond


Most folks clued into American politics have probably seen some coverage pertaining to the Richmond, Virginia rally for enforcing Second Amendment rights.

Most of the coverage I took in during the lead up came care of Alex Jones, who in the lead up to the rally was characterised by the kosher moonbat media as “Far Right”, “Fascist” and a “White Supremacist”.

Alex, who is notorious for espousing long-winded diatribes that dive head first into Godwin’s Law, had espoused in typical wingnut whisperer fashion that his constitutional based conviction for the rally was further bolstered by the fact that Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was a “blackface klansman”.

In fact most of the online chatter I viewed in the lead up to the rally reflected Alex’s trademark trope mirrored amongst MAGApedes, front-to-back feminine conservatives and general ethno-masochists.

Hence why it was highly unlikely the Richmond, Virginia rally was ever going to receive any kind of significant suppression like that seen at Charlottesville, Virginia. Namely because the Zionist Deep State doesn’t care if a zio-boomer dominated mass of Murica-lovers frame the second amendment as an affront to “Nazis” and “Klansman”.

A further testament to this is the fact is that those in attendance were marching alongside ANTIFA cadres supposedly sympathetic to this very trope being assigned to the rally.

With many predicting that we’ve entered the year of Boogaloo 3.0, one has to wonder whether those congregating for the kosher controlled dialectic dissent marches will ever get beyond the mortis of Murica-ism.