A Ryan Rant – Episode 85 – Moral-fagging Maelstrom


Over the last couple of weeks there has been some significant subversive psy-ops setting the proverbial bush ablaze in Australia. Just this last week we’d seen the rural Victorian town of Beulah be baited into praising pernicious paraphilia in order to appease the Anti-Defamation Commission, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, Premier Daniel “Dick Ears” Andrews and his fellow “comrades” in the paedophile Labor Party.

Meanwhile as we’ve discussed in episodes 81 to 84 the so-called MIGA memeing for Iran has lacked congruity amongst a critically thinking public. While popular punditry has been split between Zio-con deception and America First nationalism, Trump has come off looking like a mashugana tier muppet serving the rogue nuclear parasite state of Israel, which in turn has played to the perception that America is under Zionist Occupation.

This paradigm enforces the commonly held perception that traditional values are being inverted as evil, in order to mollify those who’ve characterised free speech as upholding obscenity and malevolence.

But as the NPC DemonRats cheer on communism in one corner, and Republican rabble rousers reinforce the lean towards truth in the other corner, those of us bemused by the Jerry Springer tier drama of kosher politics sit on the sidelines, laughing at the insanity ingratiating the bastardry of boogaloo 3.0.

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