A Ryan Rant – Episode 84 – Zio-Wahhabism Is The Swamp


A meme I’d put together from episode 83 has been inducing a bunch of Trump zealots to call me an “Islamophile Democrat Deep Stater”. Anyone who knows my work knows this desperate allegation is lacking in congruity and does little to sway my lack of support for their “bomb Iran” agenda.

Let’s forget for a moment that Major General Soleimani has been noted to have links with the European Far Right and has publicly called Sunni foreign invaders entering Europe “subhuman filth”. Fact is he fought against both the barbaric death cult of ISIS as well as the “friend and ally” of the American Zionist deep state.

For supposed America First boomers to support escalating hostilities with Iran doesn’t make you a patriot, a nationalist or Christian, it makes you a mouthpiece for the Rothschild mercenary Mafia seeking to strongarm Iran with its Zio deep state terrorism.

The fact is that if American hutzpah can’t recognize the retarded reasoning of having your armies over the other side of the planet for the nuclear parasite state of Israel, while America itself degenerates into a dystopian trash-heap, then please don’t be surprised if Nero plays the fiddle via Google Chrome.

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