A Ryan Rant – Episode 83 – Plane Truths


The latest trope blowing up in my social media feeds is that “We need to bomb Iran” because the Iranian military blew up Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752.

I personally am not that perturbed by it, considering Zionist deep state American backed Ukrainian forces were found to have shot down the Malaysia Boeing Airlines Flight 17, when it was discovered that it was shot down by an older model of the buk missile decommissioned by Russia and in use by Ukraine.

As Ukraine has been used as a geopolitical launching point for hostilities towards Russia by neo-conservative deep state Zionist chicken hawks, people deservedly question who benefited from Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 being blown up.

While interweb opinion on the matter is pretty much in line with what we’ve outlined in episodes 81 and 82 of A Ryan Rant, Blumpf boomer media has been smearing all who disagree with the official Soleimani / Iran sh-tshow as being functionally Democrat Muslim lemmings.

While average folks like myself push back against such stupefying statements of idiocy, it seems to be overshadowed by powerful public figures who have impunity to disseminate nonsensical bulldust!

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