A Ryan Rant – Episode 82 – Empire Falls With MIGA Applause


A couple of years back I’d made some comments about the efficacy of terrorism achieving a redefinition of marriage under Australian Law. Over the last week or so President Donald Trump’s schizophrenic mind checkers against Iran has caused me enough unwanted angst that I put together a meme reiterating this point.

Trump’s order to kill Major General Soleimani has been so explicitly interpreted as a display of Zionist zealotry, that it has been sufficient enough to cause Richard Spencer to express regret for having ever voted and promoted Trump.

Of course Blumpf boomers who’re pathologically wired to hate all Muslims, are calling those who criticise Trump’s interdimensional double 4D chess move “secret Muslim Democrats” who’re supposedly sleeper agents who’ve been working for George Soros from the get-go.

Some Blumpf boomers have been so brain-dead as to even go after Queen Ann Coulter for suggesting Trump’s priorities are out of whack.

As we discussed in episode 72 Trump’s Executive Order on Combating Anti-Semitism was an overt way of putting a prohibition on certain politically incorrect social lubricants within the public discourse. Ostensibly speaking many people who perceived Trump as a battler against the deep state, now feel they’ve been hoodwinked as to who they’ve really been backing.

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