A Ryan Rant – Episode 81 – Iran, Boogaloo And Bushfires


Firstly there’s little I have to say about the Australian bushfires beyond attesting to the fact that Sam Newman did nothing wrong, and that crowdfunding for the recovery seems to be as plentiful as porn on the internet.

Meanwhile based Major General Soleimani was assassinated last week on the orders of American President Donald Trump, which as you might’ve ascertained by now is rapidly developing into another war for Israeli interests.

With a sizeable sway of Trump sycophants getting in on the globohomo group hug with the kosher Wahhabist alliance, it appears little has been learnt about the precedent that drives these disastrous policies put out by America’s Zionist Occupation Government.

But as THEY disseminate their decrees for gentile genocide, and Israel’s nuclear arsenal comes under broader public scrutiny, patriotic Americans are compelled to target establishment kippah wearing cretins who’ve instigating this foreign aggression.

Major General Soleimani is now a martyr for the forces opposed to the Jewish Zionist Rothschild money power of the psychopathic deep state, question is does America still have the backbone to put down tyranny?

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