A Ryan Rant – Episode 80 – Monsey Memeing


The supposed Synagogue stabbing allegedly carried out by black nationalist Grafton Thomas in Monsey has been making some ripples this week with the usual kosher suspects on the lunatic Left. Their assertion is that it was “White Supremacist terrorism”, conspiring to get the Jews.

While Trump supporting Jews note that this Libtard idiocy is lobotomy tier logic, they fail to articulate who these New York liberal politicians are that are demanding for a state of emergency against the “White supremacist terrorism” threat.

Now far be it for me to suggest that this guy Grafton Thomas might’ve discovered who was running the slave ships back in the day, or sussing out the demographic overrepresentation in slave owning America, but we Whites are pretty use to the whole Saul Alinsky “kill Whitey” scam initiated by a certain group of shekel extracting activists.

As Trump supporters young and old are attacked in broad daylight with absolute impunity, at least we can take solace knowing that the 13% of US population committing 52% of ALL national homicides and 84.9% of violent crimes against Whites are getting a better employment rate.

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