A Ryan Rant – Episode 79 – Hindsight Is 2020


The bubonic bergs of Bolshevik bulldust protruding through the perilous path of the patriotic pro- gentile pro-Western pro-Christian crusaders are nothing we nationalists can’t endure.

With coincidental surveillance failing to capture the corruption of the malevolent Moloch worshipping vampire establishment, as heroes are imprisoned and criminals are set free, while perversions are pulled past the walls of decency by corrupted consumers, who’ve been inculcated by the egregiously evil mind of Edward Bernays, the Hegelian Dialectic trash heap grows more palpable by the day.

In an era where real art is relegated as a form of White supremacy, is it any wonder why the current year content creators are casting off the kosher cancer that has hoodwinked us with cringe conceptions, and once again embrace the renaissance of beauty and boldness.

While some people bellow and brawl over the validity of the “Greatest Ally” trope, the simple truth is that loyalty to your own people and nation take priority over bending the knee to an Israeli.

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