A Ryan Rant – Episode 78 – Happy New Year Zero


It should be of little surprise now that the Khmer Rouge tier spawn brainwashed to bring about a “Year Zero” throughout the occident are going to be facing some tough times ahead of them.

As impressionable youth are being targeted with vile propaganda that tells them anal sex and antifa are virtues, that having a complete mental breakdown over glaring inconvenient truths about Jewish gayops is good, that the rampant sentiment amongst Jews as expressed by Rabbi Rabinovich is awe inspiring, and that ultra kosher capitalist libtard brain AIDS is cool, are people really that surprised there is a growing embrace for traditional values out there?

When people start noticing certain trends engrained in the ruling quisling establishment ranks, no amount of Executive Orders combating Anti-Semitism is going to put down gentile uprisings against them.

The more people start realising that the whole “our greatest ally” trope is a lie disseminated by a psychopathic ruling elite of child murdering vampires, the more people will realise that the consummate killing fields could have been avoided, had we listened to a certain prophetic voice from the turn of the last century who actually provided some sense of ‘A New Hope’ as it were.

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