A Ryan Rant – Episode 74 – Truth To Power


A truism often noted these days is that if you want to know who controls you look at who you are not allowed to criticize.

In the current year those zealously speaking against the newspeak of the blue check mark transnational technocracy, who back borderless deracination rendering humans into interchangeable slaves, are the true revolutionaries against the system.

Whether it be noting the differences in biological inclinations and aptitudes, or the maelstrom of misfortune that comes from matriarch mis-management, or the outrageous expenditure on arming up the most vile organised crime colony on the planet, or the coincidences behind the “progressive” periodicals promoted to you in supermarkets, or the insidious handiwork of terrorism incorporated bringing us the next pretext for war, it’s a pretty pertinent point that when the going gets tough, fascists are first to the plate to protect against black bloc bats to the face as it were.

Even though federal agencies are following the orders of functionally blueish bureaucrats, the more they set out to suppress the bolder we are in the equal and opposite redress.

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