A Ryan Rant – Episode 73 – The Fed Wants You Dead


In the current year it takes a great deal of mental gymnastics to avoid noticing certain coincidences that constitute the cabal against Western civilisation.

Advanced by the transnational multibillion dollar deception networks spreading brain AIDS to the masses, and the quisling pariah plunderers paid for by plutocratic parasitic pinkos, it takes a little lowering of our inhibitions to talk honestly about the monumental breach of Tort.

Foundationally speaking the tyrannical subversion deployed by this cabal is one that seeks to suppress in-group preference from forming as a civic immunity to evil.

Hence why certain fraudulent pseudo-academic areas of study have been inserted into our “higher learning” by this cabal in order to induce weakness within the will of the citizenry.

While there are some who’ve made it to the legislature who’ve proven themselves to be audacious defenders of righteous revilement against satanic snakes, it is important to remember that many of these snakes have slithered their way into positions of power.

While vigilance at the ballot box has shown we can keep the lesser of two evils at bay for the time, if history has taught us anything a time will come when the flames of fairness and fury will be forced upon the feet of fiendish Fabian federalists.

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