A Ryan Rant – Episode 71 – Bat Mitzvah Memeing


Certain autistic antifa spawn, inculcated with feminism and environmentalist communism, have illustrated to those of us with a three digit IQ as to why moonbattery is a gold mine for memes.

While there is sadly a demographic of trust-fund Trotskyite tramps who’ll gladly whore themselves out for the pretentious pigtailed pitchgirl of globohomo, it is more a testament to what has happened to fundamental figures impacting the female psyche.

Traditionally speaking, wholesome strong confident caring families have been the driving force of a high trust forward thinking society. Interference by certain blueish alien antagonists, such as those operating the most sophisticated propaganda system in history, have inserted certain ideas that can only be characterised as corrosive to Western civilisation.

While the SlutWalk slacktivist sycophants engage in mental gymnastics, Communist “corporate social responsibility”, and outright misandrist madness, imbuing family to females is a far more fitting virtue than any vice the feminist have in their arsenal.

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