A Ryan Rant – Episode 70 – An Axis Of Antisemites


People with a pathological hatred of gentiles take great offense to people questioning the veracity of the official holocaust narrative, which continue to be propped up by quisling Zionist governments around the world.

Hence the increasingly high costs of expressing humour about something which continues to wreck havoc upon occidental civilisation.

Meanwhile the last regime that mass murdered White Christians for the “crime” of “antisemitism” was the Soviet Union (the first Soviet government being 80-85% Jewish according to Joseph I Schneerson, who was the leader of the Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch movement).

This is why some people would say our alliance with the Soviet Union during World War II was meshugener tier strategy.

In more recent times certain Shabbos goy leaders have made similar calls, particularly when you consider the fact that many Christians today aren’t Scofield Reference Bible Zionist shills looking to wipe Christian Palestinians off the face of the earth.

Hence why true Christians aren’t afraid to point out who is behind the wars, the killings carried out by kosher global terror networks, and open border outfits seeking to flood Western nations with foreign invaders.

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