A Ryan Rant – Episode 69 – A Daily Reminder


Subsidiaries of B’nai B’rith and the World Jewish Congress have become the representative anti-Western antagonists seeking to sacrifice White Europeans as a burnt offering to their demonic deity Moloch.

They believe that those who don’t praise Jews should be rendered unemployed, dehomed, broke, dead, their kids raped and brainwashed. Meanwhile others rightly observe that such belief is what facilitates an upward trend in what could be characterised as “antisemitism”.

The apathy that the anti-Western globalist cabal foments is one steeped in Satanic subversion, that corrupts the most vulnerable and valuable of our people with malicious degeneracy.

While some Shabbos goy gremlins prefer White Genocide be shrugged off as non-Talmudic involved “suicided”, it’s important to repeatedly strike the point home that these people are liars, murderers, thieves and scam-artists who need not apply for a lifeline.

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