A Ryan Rant – Episode 67 – Some White In The Meta Fight


There’s a truth espoused by Charles Darwin and Francis Galton that I’ve yet to hear a tangible refutation of. With White Genocide a priority for the globohomo agenda, it’s worth remembering some of the more fitting features of the White race, as well as highlighting the demons who try to insert doubt into the White consciousness.

In the arena of politics where the puppeteers of the big lie, bolster the bleeding heart impulse to provide privilege to pinkos, and bleeding the West of it’s prosperity for blueish supremacist interests, it is reassuring to know the seeds of Whiteness are growing through the cracks of their deceit.

While some pundits rightly note a growing trend amongst Trump supporters to transmute into explicit race realism, and notice coincidences about the Deep State operators obfuscating the discourse, it’s important to note that in the current line-up of contenders Trump is still the best bet at biding time before RaHoWa goes nuclear, so to speak.