Food For Thought – In Clownworld Terrorists Define What Is Terrorism


On Tuesday XYZ editor David Hiscox published an article outlining the ABC’s overt promotion of terrorism. This reminded me of a Quote of the Day from November, 2017 that goes to the heart of why Team Talmud are winning, so to speak.

On one hand the globohomo order enables eco-terrorism to flourish, provides ANTIFA a license to kill while glorifying them as “courageous”, as they simultaneously blacklist expert analysts who outline collusion between ANTIFA and the MSM as “hate-criminals”.

On the other hand White heterosexual male Christians are dubbed a threat to Australia by former ASIO director general Duncan Lewis, as the U.S Department of Homeland Security does likewise in America.

This circus is further amplified by “true conservatives” seeking to have gun confiscation, mass arrest and COINTELPRO sabotage directed against White Nationalists and edgy sh–posters because the Anti-Defamation League wants a Whitescare.

If all else fails the globohomo establishment will paint your ideology as a cult and psychopathologize you and your mates as having Aryan oppositional defiance disorder towards their Talmudic anti-Axis aversion therapy.

Meanwhile apologetics for the terrorism upon which Israel was built (i.e. Irgun, Haganah and Lehi) and the terrorism directed at gentile nations via groups like the Jewish Defense League (JDL), float to the top of internet search engine results while popular pro-White media is memory holed.

The moral of the story thus far is that globohomo deems it okay for their blue-check mark astroturf “revolutionaries” to commit terrorism, while wrongthink reactionaries countering said terrorism are the repository of their projection.

Question is, how do you combat a terrorist state that defines violence and murder, while their own violence and murder are just flippantly passed off as ‘Free Speech’?

Food for Thought.

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