A Ryan Rant – Episode 65: Groypers Guerrillas vs Blueish Bad Actors


There is a seemingly seismic shift occurring in the noosphere at the moment, which is emboldening the pro-Gentile cause more broadly.

With Conservative Inc.’s kosher hacks painting another frame-up for America First firebrands, and imploring cuckservative boomers to share Talmudic trademark blueish talking points, the Groyper uprising is proving to be a good indicator of where the zoomer zeitgeist is heading.

A revolution of rejecting the boomers ethnomasochism, the zoomers are embracing fascism as an inevitable and natural manifestation against the vices of materialism, egalitarianism and nihilism.

This coincides with Democrats being way off the Overton Window reservation, as they receive support from the corporate controlled fake news media cartels, the heinous high-status Hollywood scum, the blueish protest movement, and prominent hate groups.

Meanwhile any true Christian who’s not a Zionist shill will tell you Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide” lacks congruity, and that hell awaits all those who follow Epstein’s lead.

Hence why in the war between righteousness and free-for-all liberalism the side of low standards stands to have many demonic entities pulling against family, race and nation.

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