Marxist media: White boys singing are dangerous but African thugs are victims


I’ve tried to stop writing these OMG LOOK AT THOSE CRAZY LEFTISTS pieces.

It’s tiresome. We all know there’s an agenda to make white men the most hated people on Earth. We know who’s behind it, even if we can’t say.

But then I looked at the ABC News front page and my testosterone spiked.

Testosterone is about to become a banned substance in the Democratic People’s Republic of Victoria in the near future.

At least for ‘privileged’ boys.

Some middle-class teenage virgin schoolboys did a cheeky chant about wanting to have sex and the Marxist media lost their minds. The way they framed it reveals everything about their ideological perspective, of course. They made it all about ‘privilege’.

This frightbat is on ABC radio down in SA.

Your taxes pay for her organic almond milk caramel frappuccinos, bigot.

White males being unapologetically white and male is unacceptable in the current year. Here are the lyrics which have led to asphyxiated pearl-clutching from Big Sister’s flying monkeys.

“I wish that all the ladies

Were holes in the road

And if I was a dump truck

I’d fill them with my load”

Hoes mad. The brave and stunning Melbourne comrade named Melanie who filmed the boys got on Melbourne radio, and stated that she feared for her safety if she said something.

“You felt there was no respect for women. You felt that you couldn’t say anything and if you did, I think you’d be really concerned about what might happen next.”

Oh piss off. Your non-feminist foremothers would have scolded the boys with such moral authority for misbehaving in public that they would’ve gone pale, apologised and then begged her not to tell the principal. Or film and send it to the media. Which she wouldn’t have done, because she wouldn’t have been an uptight crazy bitch with an axe to grind against white males like you, Melanie.

Acting male is now effectively banned in the new diversity utopia of postmodern Australia. Behaving in a traditional male fashion will relegate you to the non-professional class for life, anyway. Naughty songs like this are a part of growing up for boys, especially boys sent to all-male schools with little female interaction. I can remember, in Year 6 at my very un-privileged mixed-gender mixed-race outer-suburban primary school, singing a far more outrageously offensive song with my friend Jason on the bus. It was to the tune of Play School.

“There’s a bear in there

And an electric chair,

There’s people with AIDS

and hand grenades.

Open wide

Cum inside.

It’s Gay School.”

It was the funniest thing we’d ever heard.

Jason died when he was 15, incidentally. He tried to swim through a storm drain during a flood and didn’t realise there was a grate on the other side. The current was too strong for him to get back. He drowned. His father, a former champion swimmer, was the one to pull his body from the drain.

That’s what real problems look like, Melanie.

But at least he didn’t grow up to be a sexist.

The far left media regurgitated this story three or four times throughout the day to maximise the humiliation of the boys involved. If they’re trying to make these boys into National Socialists, they’re going about it exactly the right way.

What really activated my almonds though was the outrageous double standard applied by those same cultural Marxist bloggers at the ABC to the issue of African gang violence across Melbourne.

Not only have police in Victoria not been arresting Africans who commit outrageous, violent crimes, but the way the story is framed completely ignores the reality of what is going on in the diversity hotspots of the West. Victoria Police Commander Tim Hansen provided a quote which shows the depth of denial among the professional establishment.

“What we do know is there are kids out there who seek the notoriety of being in a gang…”

So Tim, the problem is kids wanting notoriety. That’s all. Nothing to do with culture, biological differences, intergenerational antisocial behaviours, mental illness, a society in denial. They just want to be famous, and so they rampage through the streets of Melbourne.

Across our civilisation, Third Worlders who have been imported by the cultural Marxist establishment are burning, raping and murdering, and if we talk about it, we’re racist.

Of course, that’s making more people in the West become racist. Maybe that’s the plan?

The social engineers who run our societies are not stupid. Nobody could be this stupid. It’s being planned, and by the same people who have engineered the hatred of white boys who aren’t ashamed of themselves.

The visceral, racial hatred we are seeing directed against white people did not emerge organically. It was orchestrated.

And it will generate an equal and opposite reaction by white people fed up with the hypocrisy and the hate. That’s how dialectics work. The process is already well underway.

Cannibal chants are culture but Danny Boy isn’t.

The hate train has well and truly left the station.

Don’t get on it. Stay home.

Someone is engineering this race war. Don’t play their game.

By playing, you lose.

It’s time for them to stop winning.

Originally published at End Times Herald.