Food For Thought – Tankies Terrorise Trotskyites As Right-Wing Reach Rises


As we’ve discussed previously here at your XYZ, Mark Bray’s black bloc anarchist and Trotskyite retards have been the support test for team Talmud (aka the globohomo Zionist establishment).

The goal of said globohomo Zionist establishment has been to elevate this riff-raff of anti-White, transgender, paedophile praising, mentally ill cuckolds, and abortion/vasectomy fetishists as the trajectory standard-bearers of Democrat Party politics.

But it appears there’s some trouble brewing within this fragile alliance on the Left (shocking I know):

National Justice reports:

The massive rise in leftist activism post-Trump has not benefited old-school communist groups much.

“While the Democratic Socialists of America hosts major Trotskyist and anarchist factions, they have successfully served as gatekeepers keeping Marxist-Leninists and Maoists excluded and contained. Both Trots and “antifa” anarchists see “tankies” – defenders of the USSR and China – as no different than Fascists and Nazis…

“Now that nationalist groups have been essentially banned from participating in public demonstrations by the FBI, the shared enemy keeping the fragile alliance on the left together is nowhere to be found. The DSA’s project of trying to “unite the left” by hosting anarchist street gangs in the same movement as middle aged liberals is doomed to fail. The Tankies shut out in the cold, who see the socialist left’s ideological pivot towards becoming a tool of neo-liberalism as a way to control the opposition.”

I’d suggest folks have a listen to this episode of Our Interesting Times where National Justice editor Eric Striker outlines the FBI’s overt function as a political police for a certain private intelligence agency.

Far be it for me to suggest that the Anti-Defamation League are purposely inciting “tankies” to violence, however according to this article at New Voices (an explicitly Jewish student magazine) such a move could prove beneficial for the ADL’s continued hegemony:

Meanwhile as the Left take a break from campaigning to “eat the rich” in order to cannibalise themselves, their efforts to “deplatform” nationalist ideas has been backfiring in a supremely splendid fashion:

National Justice reports:

“Jacobin Magazine is by far the most influential publication on the socialist left and the Bernie Revolution, featuring its most important academics and intellectuals. It is listed on Google News and promoted by mainstream media outlets. Yet according to SimilarWebs, its traffic is now roughly equal to, a platform that hosts Holocaust revisionists, white nationalists and anti-war materials. In August 2019, Unz even briefly surpassed Jacobin Mag.

“Current Affairs, the second most influential publication on the left, has seen a drastic collapse in its traffic. Its editor, Nathan J. Robinson, has been criticized for moving away from old-school socialist ideas that made Bernie popular and embracing identity politics. Current Affairs went from 2 million unique visitors in April 2019 to now 540,000 6 months later. While not a perfect comparison (metrics for Chapo Trap House are not available), the podcast site The Right Stuff, which is only updated with content once a day, has now surpassed Current Affairs in influence with 930,000 visitors (an increase from 870,000 six months ago)…

“The traffic for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website is also in dire straits. From August to September, the SPLC lost almost half of its traffic, from 1.4 million visitors to 750,000. If popular support, rather than money and lawyers, governed American politics and social norms, TRS and Unz would be deciding who gets a platform and who doesn’t more than the SPLC.”

Food for Thought.

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