“Islam is RIGHT about women” was only the beginning…


“Many women today understand, at least intuitively, that politics is not their natural realm, nor is business, because ultimately politics and business are the realms of resource acquisition and property defence, and when the structures of civilisation begin to crumble, these matters are dealt with in one universal language: violence.

“Islam is right about women. It knows that they lack the talent and biology for violence that we men were born for. Politics is a proxy for violence, and it is the “liberation” of women in the West that has brought us to our knees. It’s time to bring back the Christian Patriarchy.”

– James Fox Higgins.

Truer words have seldom been spoken and are a rarity in today’s decadent, ultra-feminized, Neo-Marxist authoritarian society. Though I’m not thoroughly in favour of losing half our workforce to stay at home Mums, I definitely can’t ignore the validity and rationality of James’ sentiments. Perhaps a bit of free speech in our society would allow us all to examine these ideas further. Alas…. I digress…

A restoration of western dominance is necessary to restore a decent, virtuous and productive population. There’s understandably been much talk about this ultimate trolling and I do not wish to revisit the flurry of warranted commentary that has already been generated. I did however find it amusing that in one of the news reports, an Islamic woman covered in a niqab commented on how people have a right to their opinions. When real westerners make rational correlations between Islam and the violence committed in its name, we need to be silenced but when someone posits that ‘Islam is RIGHT about women’, we’re welcome to our opinions. Oh, the endless hilarity of clown world.

So it’s abundantly clear that a restoration in the west is needed, but no-one has clearly outlined how this is most effectively done. This is where I’m happy to oblige.

There are a number of methods but I propose the tried and tested method of divide and conquer. Saul Alinksy insisted on making the enemy confront their own ideological inconsistencies and double standards while stirring up opposition, particularly in the black and Hispanic populations, to weaken the resolve of the status quo. He also urged his followers to take a societal issue that everyone mostly agrees on – he gave the example of pollution – and hijack it in order to turn it into something else. The parasitical elite and their newfound religion of climate alarmism and earth worship clearly exemplifies this hijacking of an agreed position, altering it, and injecting an astronomical level of hysteria into it. It’s now the preferred weapon of elite cultural Marxists to redistribute resources and wealth among the masses and stifle economic growth among hard working westerners which serves to confound elitist wealth and comfort. All this while they put a stranglehold on the people by outlawing dissent. All of this was outlined in Rules for Radicals and other Post-modernist publications and speeches. These steps have been followed and now they dominate our culture and institutions. So we know that these methods work. Now we need to implement them.

Our opponent is up the their necks in double think which makes them highly susceptible to any action that exposes their hypocrisy and ideological inconsistency. This is why the ‘Islam is RIGHT about women’ meme was so effective. It also came in a highly effective form: posters in public where they could not be avoided. As great as the phenomena of right wing memes has been – All praises be to Kek – they are restricted to mostly friendly territory on the internet. A leftist can unlike, unsubscribe, or just ignore the message altogether. The beauty of the poster is that it gets right in their faces and they can’t escape.

Additionally, a geographical area can be targeted and much mischief be had with posters. The most woke neighbourhoods aren’t hard to find in capital cities. This is made exponentially worse for the enemy by the fact that the content forces them to confront their world view and how it is utterly insane, while in public, causing them to lash out. This is key to causing their imminent meltdown and weakening their resolve. Neutralising the Neo-Marxist enemy is a matter of causing them to meltdown once having been confronted with their own insanity in their own turf. Posters in their neighbourhoods are the perfect weapon. Here are some suggestions for the inner city hipster crowd:

  • Reduce Immigration. Reduce carbon footprint #TowardsZero.
  • Vegans Unite. End Halal cruelty now!
  • Take a stand. Demand asylum for white South African refugees!
  • “Refugees are not terrorists. They are often the first victims of terrorism.” – António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres (insert picture of white South African farmers).
  • Racist. Homophobe. Murderer. (picture of Che Guevara).
  • Soul Rebel (Rasta coloured poster with Trump, Boris, Farage, Abbott etc).

And for the outer suburbs with large ethnic communities:

  • Under Labour your children WILL be transgender!
  • How does a transgender woman give birth?
  • Labour hates Jesus and loves rising high fuel costs.
  • Reducing CO2 means getting rid of your car (Labour logo).

Imagine filming the meltdowns and posting them on socials. It could well become a new internet craze. Let’s get printing and get these posters up especially in Fitzroy, Brunswick, Northcote, Roxburough Park, Broadmeadows, Epping etc. Anywhere that people are forced to confront the backward nature of leftist thought and where there will be a likely – and clearly visible – meltdown.

This is but one method. “Islam is RIGHT about women” posters is only the beginning.
Deus Vult!

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Samuel Medici
Samuel studied International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies and is deeply interested in conflict and strategy. He first became interested in Geopolitics after listening to a rap group known as the Outlaws who's individual rappers are named after military dictators, a couple of whom have now been deposed. The ingenious, proportionate and moral application of aggression are a common theme in Samuel's writing, along with an eloquently sinister red pilling with the intent of decimating the Neo-Marxist status quo. One might say, a red pillaging. Samuel served in the Australian Army. He draws inspiration for his writing from the likes of Christopher Hitchens, Dinesh D'Souza, Steven Crowder, Eazy E, Tywin Lannister and Conan the Barbarian. His long term aspiration is to see leftist thought diagnosed as a character disorder and no longer serve as a political leaning.