Liberalism is fake Christianity


When I was a kid and read the Lord of the Rings for the first time, I wanted to be a wizard.

Then I realised that was silly, and so became a teacher instead.

But it wasn’t silly. There are wizards. They use magic to gain power and affect the world.

Magic is mind control, and it operates through language. Good wizards use this power to set people free to perceive reality as it true is. This is what the greatest magician of all time did.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


Evil wizards create and spread false belief systems, either ideological or religious, to darken the minds of people by preventing them from perceiving reality as it truly is. JBP has called this ‘ideological possession’, and it’s a good phrase, but unfortunately he’s an evil wizard, for reasons we’ll get to.

I recently had the pleasure of watching two master wizards battle it out in a duel goes to the heart of the current and expanding chaos about to engulf the West, and the world.

The first wizard is Francis Fukuyama. He’s a neoconservative and an advocate for liberal democratic universalism. This is essentially the idea that individualistic liberalism is the highest form of social and political organisation for any society, and is the system toward which all of the world is moving. He calls this theory the ‘end of history’, and the magic spell essay he published his theory in 30 years ago made him famous and rich and sought after and respected.


The second wizard is Alexsandr Dugin. He’s a proponent of Eurasianism; a concept which seems to argue for a Slavic-led multipolar world order which rejects Western liberalism and the Anglo-American post-Cold War order.

I know, sounds great. Dildo-free kindergartens with strong men, happy children and contented wives in ethnic harmony across the land. Blood and soil and meat pies. But there’s more to Dugin than meets the mind. If you parse what he’s saying carefully, he’s not some sort of paleoconservative traditionalist. He’s not a friend of Christianity or traditionalists at all. His language is full of German Idealist jargon and Marxist concepts. If you skip to 26 minutes in, you’ll hear him critique Western liberalism as being too racist. This is his primary criticism of Western liberal universalism throughout the debate.

He’s using a postcolonial critique to undermine the legitimacy of the Pax Americana. That’s the type of tired Trotskyite bullshit you read in the Guardian. Isn’t he supposed to be a Nazi?

The more you study Dugin the more you see that the pattern which emerges is one of subversion for subversion’s sake. When he’s talking to liberals, he uses liberal critiques of America. When he’s talking to white nationalists, he uses white nationalist talking points. When he’s talking to Western Christians, he sounds like a patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. His goal is simply to create chaos in the West in order to destroy it.

Whether he hates America because it is the empire of liberalism or liberalism because it is the ideology of America is unclear. He hates both equally. He hates all things Anglo-American, which includes Australia too. He wants you and me humiliated and impoverished as retribution for what happened to Russia after the Cold War. Ultimately, he’s a clever Russian nationalist deploying a chaos agenda within the West. But if you asked him, he’d tell you whatever you needed to hear in order to make you hate the West, too, and celebrate our own destruction.

Wizards like Fukuyama have been just as deadly to America and, by extension, us. The neoconservative school of wizardry has its origins in Trotskyism too, and they have worked assiduously over the decades to move America firmly from a constitutional republic to a liberal democracy, and through control of US foreign policy create a world order favourable to their ideological vision and collective interests. The primary result of this has been the reshaping of the Middle East under the war on terror after Israel did 9/11.

Fukuyama has made his career out of advocating for liberal democracy. His primary contribution was the development of an overarching theoretical framework to explain history in ideological terms favourable to neocon power. This is mighty magic, because these types of all-encompassing grand theories then become the parameters for dialectics within entire fields afterwards. They frame thinking for decades, maybe even centuries after. The greatest wizards in history have achieved this – Socrates (good), Plato (bad), Aristotle (good), Confucius (good), Augustine (good), Freud (bad), Marx (very bad). This is the level of wizardry to which Fukuyama has aspired, and his spells have helped destroy the Middle East, create the rapefugee crisis and bankrupt America fiscally and morally. In the final analysis, however, I don’t think Fukuyama will be another Marx, despite his ambitions. His magic is already dying off as the American empire it ensorcelled dies.

Wizards seek to bend reality to their will because they understand that reality itself is created through human belief interacting upon the external world. At the heart of the Christian message is an understanding of the power of human belief; you can get God to rescue you from death by believing that Jesus died as a payment for your sins. It’s all about belief. Wizards get this, and they know that convincing millions of people to believe in your narrative of reality creates that very reality for all intents and purposes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. What matters is whether it’s believed.

Take the phrase liberal democracy. It’s bullshit. There is nothing about political equality and universal suffrage that provides or guarantees individual liberty. We have voting and all it’s done is allow the government to take half our stuff every year and use it to create bicycle lanes that make driving more annoying. Giving the unstable and the lazy and the stupid the vote has only enabled them to use the power of the state to steal from the stable and the productive and the clever.

But that doesn’t matter, because our entire ruling class believes in ‘liberal democracy’.

Fukuyama defines liberal democracy as pluralism. He provides a narrative, well-accepted among acceptable intellectuals, that Western liberalism grew out of the religious wars of Early Modern England as a means to unify society.

This is partly true, but of course, also partly false. The devil himself lies in the detail. Liberalism was a philosophical worldview developed by Enlightenment Brits to replace the superstitions of Christianity in a technocratic, materialist vision of the future. It is Godless Christianity, with all of the forms of the faith but none of the strength. A golem. A zombified church with Man above the altar, not God. And it only worked for as long as vestigial Christian forms remained in the West. As those forms have been done away with, the Luciferian nature of liberalism has been revealed.

Once Christianity was driven from the public space, Satanic culture was inevitable. And if you think organised Satanism doesn’t exist, you’re a special kind of naive. The dark, cold heart of revolutionary leftism has always been Satanic since the Jacobins and the Bolsheviks, as well as the American Founding Fathers. It has been passed down to the present through secret societies and the teachings of Kabbalistic Judaism.

Real Satanists don’t call themselves Satanists though, kid. They’re much more likely to be a president or a CEO or a pastor. If you’re being open about it, you’re kinda not getting the point.

Liberal democrats like Fukuyama tell us that pluralism is merely tolerance for others. Fukuyama argues that without it, all societies are unstable. That postmodern liberalism is a benevolent form of universalism. A more tolerant form of Christianity that can create a global utopia.

Bullshit. This tolerance of which they speak is only required of the native populations of the West, and is quickly done away with once we’re done away with in a given region. See how tolerant and welcoming and liberal Malmo in Sweden is now.

Or Minnesota.

Try getting a job as a white male in Cabramatta, or Dandenong or Sunnybank.

It turns out liberal democracy is a one-way street, and that means backwards for whitey. I guess someone with a surname like Fukuyama is A-OK with that.

For Fukuyama the telos of liberal democracy, and the destiny of the world, is space globohomo. Free markets across the galaxy, run by a transhumanist hapa elite under some form of the stars and stripes. Star Trek, basically. Instead, it’s turned out to be tranny operations for toddlers and a planet enslaved under the power of compounding interest repayments.

As I’ve written before, Fukuyama is a Marxist. He admits it around the one hour mark in the video. Right about the time he comes up with this gem.

“… the fact of the matter is that we live in societies that have minorities that are not going to go away and if you don’t respect them, and if you don’t protect their rights, if the state doesn’t think it’s important to protect their rights, then there’s going to be persecution. And so this is the path… Steve, you mentioned anti-Semitism in Hungary. Hungary’s got a terrible history in the way that it treated its Jewish population in the 1930s and 40s, and by reviving that tradition it’s very ominous for what’s gonna happen in that country in the future.”

And there we go. That’s what it always, always comes back to, every single time. Because some people were Nazis last century, white people can’t have nice things. This is the central reality distortion used by the wizards of globohomo.

It always comes back to the Holocaust. What the crucifixion is to Christianity, the Holocaust is to liberal democracy.

Dugin even points this out in a roundabout way in the debate, describing liberal democracy as a system in which a minority, fearing persecution by the majority, instead persecutes the majority.

Which minority you talking about, Alex?

Liberal democracy is cultural Marxism is political Judaism. And if you speak that truth, you’re a terrorist.

That’s why the post-60s culture war has been so antagonistically anti-Christian. The spirit animating it is explicitly so. The great anti-Christian movements of the 20th century have been the result of an ancient grudge and driven by magical forces far beyond men. They go to the cosmic struggle between good and evil for the hearts and minds of men.

By being against liberal democracy, many on the dissident right have accepted Dugin’s ideas. But if you just want milk that tastes like real milk again, this is not the way to achieve it.

Dugin critiques Western liberalism as being grounded on the false assumption that there is a universal human identity outside of culture, race and ethnicity. In materialist terms, he’s right. If you only accept that identity is rooted in the material, it is obvious that a universal human identity is meaningless. Racial tribalism is obviously the way forward then.

Dugin is correct that each ethnos, each nation, has its own weltanschauung, its own way of looking at the world. Each is unique and idiosyncratic. If you’ve lived among ‘the other’ for any significant amount of time, this becomes radically obvious. When you then consider the various epigenetic forces which have impacted upon each ethnos over time, the divergences become even more apparent.

This denial of bio-historical reality by liberalists provides an avenue of critique for men like Dugin which liberals will have no answer to. We’ve been telling the kids for decades that all cultures and races are the same, and therefore only the individual matters. As those same kids encountered Ahmed and Gihong and Siva at school or in the workplace, they’ve realised liberalism is a lie. When men like Dugin point this out and provide racialist answers to the problem of identity, their philosophies become very appealing to an alienated and disenfranchised youth.

Dugin is not a fringe figure in emerging fringe politics. His ideas have become very influential in the dissident right.

Dugin is also an occultist. Here he is in 1995 paying homage to Satanic pedophile Aleister Crowley, whose work was enormously influential in Satanic circles during the 20th century.

If you’re looking for a return to wholesome culture, Aleister Crowley’s Thelema religion is not the place to find it.

Rocking Philosophy is right that the dialectic between the globohomoism of men like Fukuyama and the Satanic chaos agenda of Dugin is being promoted as the only choice available to people today. Someone or something is engineering this.

But there is another, better option. Christianity is a more permanent and more fruitful answer to this problem of lack of identity in the postmodern world. It also involves a rejection of liberal democratic leftism, and has the potential to restore our societies to something even more pro-human, pro-truth and pro-liberty than we were before.

Christians know that there is a superidentity which sits above the material. Yes, racial differences are real. Yes, the nation is the ethnos and each ethnos is distinct and unique and worthy of preserving. But racial fundamentalism won’t give your life the meaning you seek. It won’t restore order in the way you want. It won’t make your wife happy or keep your kids sane. Only a restoration of the moral law of God in the hearts and minds of men and women in this country will do it. And that starts with the men, who God appointed to be leaders over our families.

Liberalism is collapsing due to the eradication of Christianity in public life, and Satanic totalitarianism is rushing to fill the ideological breach. Morbid visions of power have formed on the left and the right, and both will bring only destruction. We don’t need to go down those roads again.

The last thing we want to do is have is another leftist Bolshevik revolution. Or another Holocaust.

That would be the worst of all options.

We’d never hear the bloody end of it.

Originally published at End Times Herald.