Gladys the Impaler is winning the war on infants


Good news from the womb front, comrades!

Not long before the last of those inconvenient babies are finished off, and women are finally liberated to make all the bad choices they please without any consequences.

Except a broken soul.

Which is a fair price to pay for freedom.

First they came for the babies.

There are many different angles to take with the story of Gladys Berejiklian’s NSW Liberal government putting a late-term abortion bill, in which babies can be murdered with ease up to the moment before birth, to the vote this week. You’ll catch various versions of them across the approved mainstream and alt-media.

Why vote for a ‘conservative’ government when they’ll just promote a radical cultural Marxist agenda anyway…

This vote reveals the problem the Liberal Party has of falling between the two ideological stools of individualistic liberalism and faux conservatism…

This is what we get when we are led by childless careerists with no thought for the future of the nation…

Pray for the children…

Whatever. Empty posturing from paid shills for some rootless cosmopolitan media baron or shill hopefuls desperate to be picked up by some rootless cosmopolitan sugar daddy who’ll make them famous. More talking points to keep us talking about talking points.

There was a time when the public and even politicians could be fooled into thinking that abortion isn’t infanticide. The use of an abstract propaganda term like ‘abortion’, for a start. Also, ultrasound technology hadn’t been developed. The stark and undeniable reality that life begins at conception had not yet been proven.

Today there is no excuse.

A baby at 22 weeks’ development in the womb.

That’s a baby, and killing it inside the womb is no different morally from killing it outside the womb. There is no moral counterweight to that argument anymore, and believing that it’s morally ok to kill that baby at any stage of its development inside the mother is just doublethink. If you believe that you’re either a psychopath or a liar, or both.

What Gladys Berejiklian’s government is proposing this week is Satanic. We see throughout the Bible that whenever a culture collapses completely into the worship of evil, they signal this by killing children. When God brought the ancient Israelites into the land of Canaan, he commanded them to exterminate the local inhabitants because they practiced ritual infanticide to please their god Moloch. This is made abundantly clear in the Old Testament (Lev. 20:2; Deut. 12:31; 2 Ki. 16:3; 17:31; 23:10; Jer. 7:30-32; 19:3-5; Ezek. 16:20-21). Along with public acceptance of sodomy. it’s a sign your civilisation is just about to face the wrath of God; Godless societies get the leaders they deserve, who then lead them to destruction.

Gladys seems to be well along the road with that role.

What’s particularly bothersome about Gladys making the baby Holocaust go into overdrive in NSW is her background. She’s Armenian. That might not mean much to most in our identity-free melting pot society, but it means something historically. The Armenians have been a great people for God over the centuries. Even by the fifth century AD, they traced their legendary ancestry back to Hayk, a great-great-grandson of Noah. The Parthian state of Armenia was the first to adopt Christianity as its public religion. They faced persecution under the Ottomans for being Christian, culminating in the Armenian Holocaust by the donmeh Young Turks during and after World War I. Nearly two million were murdered, ushering in a century during which utopian idealists spouting anti-Christian ideologies would unleash an ocean of blood across Eurasia. The Armenians were among the first.

How can an Armenian become such a slave to the god of this world that she would champion the massacre of innocents? Of all the people in the world, these people know what it’s like to be helpless and vulnerable. How can it be that a daughter of such a Godly nation should become a postmodern Herod, with the blood of a generation of infants on her hands?

This world is too sad.

Surely not long now Jesus before you judge it.

The massacre of the innocents under Herod, c. 3 BC.