Food For Thought – White Oppressors Live In Poverty


Senior Columnist for Yahoo Rick Newman (Every. Single. Time.) has reported today that privileged White Americans (the “oppressors” responsible for ALL the problems in the world) are disproportionately living on welfare far more than non-Whites:

Yahoo reports:

“The Trump administration’s top immigration official, Ken Cuccinelli, has suggested that immigrants from Europe are more economically responsible than nonwhite immigrants from elsewhere. Yet whites are the largest group of welfare recipients in the United States, while immigrants are far more entrepreneurial than native-born Americans…

“Cuccinelli is suggesting white immigrants, or maybe whites in general, are more economically self-sufficient than other groups. Yet whites represent the largest racial group living in poverty, and the largest group of food-aid recipients under the federal SNAP program. Here are the numbers:”


Notice how Newman doesn’t mention how White Americans have been increasingly denied employment opportunities for decades due to “affirmative action” legislation, while simultaneously being expected to subsidise the burgeoning “browning” birth-rates of hostile hordes set to replace them.

This is not so much the fault of the average double digit dindu that has made its way to America, but rather the religious extremism of the Kleptocratic Kritarchy which enables Jewish Supremacists like the SPLC to say on one hand:

“It’s because people thought if you saw a shift in the demographics happening you could clamp down on or limit entirely on immigration you could change the demographics, and you can’t because these are some things that have been PLANNED for a while”

While on the other hand calling White Genocide a myth:

Wonder why Newman fails to mention that welfare fraud is a big problem amongst a certain group of people who purport to be White when it profits them and their fellow tribesmen (and similarly claim not to be when doing likewise).

Food for Thought.

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