Food For Thought – All Hail The Reaction To Facebook


If you take groups like the ACLU, ADL, SPLC, ECAJ, AIJAC and Hope Not Hate seriously, White Nationalism is the most evil thing ever. Hence why such groups are working tirelessly to get White Nationalists “de-homed”, fired, shut out of the central financial system and booted off Bitcoin exchanges.

Hence why Facebook, which has ostensibly acted as the online public space, has been a focal point for these groups in deplatforming anyone who gravitates near the black sun of White Nationalism:

Tech Crunch reports:

Facebook’s second progress report pertaining to the civil rights audit conducted by former ACLU Washington Director Laura Murphy is here. Over the last six months, Facebook has made changes around enforcing against hate, fighting discrimination in ads and protecting against misinformation and suppression in the upcoming U.S. presidential election and 2020 Census, according to the progress report.

While Facebook has made changes in some of these areas — Facebook banned white supremacy in March — auditors say Facebook’s policy is still “too narrow.” That’s because it solely prohibits explicit praise, support or representation of the terms “white nationalism” or “white separatism,” but does not technically prohibit references to those terms and ideologies.

“The narrow scope of the policy leaves up content that expressly espouses white nationalist ideology without using the term ‘white nationalist,’” the report states. “As a result, content that would cause the same harm is permitted to remain on the platform.”

Despite the fact that this policy is clear-cut election interference, anyone who has been paying attention knows it is absolute bulldust that Facebook has only just started exiling White Nationalists from its platform as of March of this year.

Just anecdotally speaking, back in June, 2016 (when I was still in the milquetoast MAGApede mindset) I was receiving 24 hour bans from the platform for politely informing the ANTIFA black bloc that they didn’t have “a right to assault people attending a lawful protest.” Yet these same people were being provided impunity to send my family and I death threats by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook team.

By the time I was completely blacklisted from Facebook in January, 2018 the consistent Left-wing bias by Facebook’s Soviet-style Silicon Valley “moderators” left me hailing no hope for those in Zuckerberg’s employment.

Hence why headlines like these make me laugh:

The Telegraph reports:

Facebook moderators who review disturbing content on the site are suffering panic attacks and mental breakdowns due to the stress of the job, according to a new report.

The moderators, who are mostly contract labour on low-salaries, are coping with the stress by taking drugs, drinking alcohol, making offensive jokes, and having sex in the workplace, an investigation by the Verge claims.

While Facebook appears to be slowly killing its employees, it has only invigorated those of us who’ve made the exodus to emerging social media sites. If the goal of Facebook and its alphabet soup of “anti-fascist” allies is to piss-off the average punter with even greater levels of political correctness policing, then by all means watch what happens.

Food For Thought.

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