Cultural Marxism’s Berlin Wall moment is coming


When we’ve won this ideological war, and we stand atop the ideological corpses of our ideological enemies and hear the ideological lamentations of their ideological wahmen, we must remember who tipped the balance in our favour since the Great Meme War of 2016.


The little bots that recommend videos, accounts and groups based on our past online behaviour.

Those little robowarriors of race realism have redpilled a generation.

Just follow the yellow brick road of banned facts, kiddo.

The algos told me the other day I’d like one of those AUSTRALIA BACK IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS Boomer groups on FB, and so I joined.

It was beautiful.

Hits you right in the feelz. Back when everything had a place, and everything was in its place. Before the utopian world improvers had crushed everything into an inverted blob of soulless, nihilistic meaninglessness. Before cultural Marxism had wrought its diabolical work of flattening everything, removing all distinctions. Back when we could discriminate, and as a result lived in a society more conducive to human flourishing.

That’s what I felt too.

But that feeling is very dangerous. Nostalgia can be deadly if we don’t remember that we are lamenting a corpse, and there’s no going back. This is the danger of conservatism, when you try to return to a past that has died and by doing so hand the future to those who destroyed that past.

Conservatism is defending what the left created a generation before as the left carries on their task of fanatically destroying what remain of the customs, institutions and mores that define our battered culture in the present.

Nostalgic conservatism is the worship of a corpse. It won’t work.

The past is dead. That Australia is now dead. There’s no bringing it back.

Accept it.

And if you want our kids to one day live in a society that is not upside-down, back-to-front and inside-out, you need to start by facing what killed our culture and who was behind it.

You owe it to your kids to do it.

The approved, kosher alt-media will tell you that cultural Marxism represents a threat to our traditional Judeo-Christian values of classical liberalism.

The ‘classical liberalism’ of 2019 is the radical leftism of 1999. It’s impotency. Take your pills, wash your penis and pretend everything hasn’t already been taken from you, bucko.

The cultural Marxist revolution isn’t to come. It’s already happened. The revolution occurred around the year 1968 on the campuses and in the cultural sphere, and we’ve been living in the cultural Bolshevik utopia ever since.

Unlike the first Eastern Marxist revolution in Russia in 1917, that revolution didn’t seize political power directly. The Christian culture in the West was too strong for that to be achieved. Instead, the Western Marxists seized the much more strategic levers of cultural, educational and institutional power.

The Eastern Marxist revolutions from 1917 onward promised the peasants of Eurasia a worker’s paradise and instead delivered gulags, crushing poverty and ethno-cultural destruction. The Western Marxist revolutions 50 years later promised whites redemption from real and imagined historical sins and liberation from stale, traditional moral restrictions. Instead it has delivered accelerating demonisation and self-flagellation of whites and a Satanic moral inversion which has also led to ethno-cultural destruction.

Both of them were funded and driven by the same group of people.

All of these revolutions, pushed and pulled by the pincer movement of international capitalism and international socialism grinding down what made us human, have led humanity to one final revolution. The telos of Marxism, of liberalism, of every utopian ideology cooked up by devils in the minds of men: a homogenised, dysgenic, atomised sludge of subhuman consumers serving the gods of international finance forever. A planetary plantation. The perfect human farm.

And for us, that fate was sealed on the campuses in ’68.

That was the revolution. All your life, you’ve been living in the glorious equality paradise. It frames your thoughts. Its views are your views. Its language is your language. Its dreams are your dreams.

Until you wake up.

And when you do, the astroturfed alt-media is there to make sure you think exactly what is necessary for you to think.

As a Christian, I know this is not a conspiracy of men. It’s a conspiracy of demons, and has been millennia in the making. I also know that ultimately, it’s going to fail. In the meantime though, the suffering of everyday people is going to be very real.

The purpose of the 60s cultural Marxist revolution was to demoralise, divide and destroy the Christian West.

The 60’s cultural Marxist revolution was never intended to create a stable system. It’s a stage in a plan. The goal of cultural Marxism was always to destroy the morality and religiosity and ethnic and cultural identity of men and women in the West, in preparation for the final global utopia.

That goal has now largely been achieved.

This was done by first destroying the cream of the genetic crop in two world wars, and then weaponising the lower end of the gene pool against the Christian majority to destroy the culture.

The science which confirms this has been banned in the establishment, but thank God for those racist algos.

The left are literally genetically damaged mutants destroying civilisation out of spite. They can’t help it, and if it wasn’t for international capitalism, they wouldn’t have been born in the first place.

This type of long-range ideological strategic planning has been made to look impossible to Western minds by decades of conditioning. We’ve been programmed to believe that history is just one damned thing after another, with no pattern, and no direction. Our minds are trapped in the Anglo-American empirical materialist paradigm. We scoff at metaphysics.

It’s foolish. Soviet defectors like Yuri Bezmenov and Anatoliy Golitsyn during the Cold War made it abundantly clear that in their minds this is not how the world works.

Cultural Marxism and degenerate, Godless liberalism have made us hate what America, and all the West, have become. The conservative right which failed to prevent the cultural Marxist revolution in the first place now idolises and idealises leaders like Putin.

The dialectic is working out just as the KBG, of which Putin was a member, planned.

Those longing for a Russian revolution to break out in the West and save us from globohomo child trannies should be careful what they wish for.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) welcomes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow on June 7, 2016. / AFP / POOL / Maxim Shipenkov (Photo credit should read MAXIM SHIPENKOV/AFP/Getty Images)

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