Never forget the USS Liberty


This piece is kinda long, so here’s the takeaway for you high time preference Zoomers so you can get back to whatever degenerate computer game you’re playing rn:

52 years ago today, on June 8, 1967, Israel attacked the defenceless USS Liberty during the Six Day War, killing 34 sailors and wounding another 171 over a period of two hours. The Israelis knew it was an American ship. They tried to sink the spy ship as a false flag, to blame Egypt, so the US would enter the war on Israel’s side. It was the closest the world came to nuclear Armageddon during the Cold War, and the Zionists covered up the crime afterward.

You can go back to shooting zombie unicorns now, kids. Here’s the full version for you big brain nibbas who can read for longer than five minutes:

The Wachowski eunuchs revealed a deep truth about the world system today in The Matrix, but as you’d expect, they kept a few truths hidden as well. We know it’s not ‘The Machines’ who run the global human farm, for one. Second, they don’t steal our energy in biological form. They steal it by controlling the means of money creation and then brainwashing us to take massive loans for things our ancestors expected as given and then sacrifice an enormous chunk of our life-time to give to ‘The Machines’ in return.

They monetise time, which is life itself, and then they make us give it to them, and give us trinkets back to make us grateful. The perfect enslavement.

Third, the matrix isn’t a computer simulation run by AI. It’s mind control.

The matrix we live in is a ideological prism which functions to prevent conscious individuals from perceiving reality as it truly is. It operates through utopian ideological belief systems which blind the mind and bind the soul. We could include false religions like Islam in this category. We’re indoctrinated in school and through media and entertainment to base our thinking on a set of false assumptions, false narratives and false hopes, all of which operate to create confirmation bias and blind us to sensitive truths. These sensitive truths, if perceived en masse by the population, would bring down the segment of the cabal who farm us on this section of the global debt plantation we call Australia.

If you think that sounds mad, sure. That’s the matrix talking. But deep down, in the quiet depths of your soul, you know it’s true.

I also find it interesting that in The Matrix the idealised human city was called Zion.

Isn’t that interesting.

But I digress.

At the heart of all false religions, all utopian ideological systems, however, is a Great Myth. Plato, in his handbook for totalitarianism The Republic, called it the Noble Lie, but it doesn’t need to be. It can be true or false. The point is that it provides a morality tale to make the population afraid of something, and then proposes a solution to prevent that something from ever happening. Think Emmanuel Goldstein in 1984, or motherhood in Brave New World. Some great evil of the past from which the population requires the protection of the elite.

I know a lot about this because my occupation used to be spreading the Noble Lies of postmodernity to impressionable young minds in classrooms. That’s how I used to get my debt shekels, before Antifa and the ECAJ shut that down. I’ve seen up close how it works.

I’m not bitter about Antifa and the ECAJ ending my career though. It gave me more time to research and write.

Indoctrination in the classroom doesn’t happen by providing false facts, at least not mostly. The indoctrination occurs through what we might call ‘framing’, and choices about what’s put in and what’s left out. For example, students might choose to study ancient history as a subject or they might choose to study modern history as a subject, yet there is no subject for the one thousand years in between.

Why not? Perhaps it’s because this was the period during which Europe was Christian?

If students are taught the Industrial Revolution, for example, they’ll be told that poor little children had to work in the factories because their hands were small and lots of people died under evil capitalism. They won’t be told that those kids came from villages where they already worked on the farm for much less money and just as much danger. They’ll be taught that Aborigines suffered terribly in the frontier wars, but they’ll not be told that life in pre-civilised Australia was extremely nasty, extremely brutish and extremely short. They’ll be taught that the Spanish and Portuguese killed millions of South Americans so they could steal their silver, but they won’t be told that the pre-Columbian civilisations in the Americas practiced human sacrifice on an industrial scale.

It’s about what’s put in and what’s left out, and the repetition of several key messages. Like a cult.

Whites nasty. Blacks noble. Men bad. Women good. Christians evil. Atheists virtuous. Crusaders violent. Muslims peaceful. Nazis Voldemort. Jews Harry Potter. Repeat, repeat, repeat for twelve years, before they even enter university.

The lie is in the framing, and in a centralised education system with radicalised university campuses, you can achieve almost total ideological conformity in just a few decades. Like we have today.

Total ideological conformity.

Which in turn enables total ideological tyranny. We have now reached a point at which 100% bluepilled, normie history teachers are getting shut down on YouTube because they show speeches by Hitler in their educational videos.

This is why we on the fringe of the dissident movement aren’t interested in politics the way our more centrist counterparts are. Who gives a shit about the parliament when the Marxists captured the kindergartens decades ago? Politics is cosmetic. It’s like fighting over what colour to paint your front door when termites have already bored through the frame.

The historical narratives a society tells itself serve to support the ideological superstructure which maintains the power of the establishment. If you can control the stories a society tells itself, you can control the society. And we all know very keenly that there is one historical narrative which cannot be questioned under the current globohomo regime: the Holocaust.

Now before you spit your Milo, dear reader, rest assured. I’m not going to question the six million. I’m not making an argument here that anything less than exactly six million Jews died in the worst crime of all time under the tyrannical Nazi death machine of eternal evil.

You get on that train, you never know where it could lead.

You’ll start asking questions, like how could a single Jewish nurse defy the brutal SS guards 3000 times and get away with it?

There’s no telling where such an inquiry could lead. Maybe jail…

No. I’m bringing up the Holocaust not to question the veracity of the numbers killed and methods used, but rather to challenge the outrageous level of historical significance it has been assigned in our culture. I’m not questioning the events. I’m pointing out how absurd is the importance attributed to the Holocaust in the postmodern West.

The twentieth century was a period of unprecedented human suffering and savagery across Eurasia. Nowhere on those two continents was spared. Two million Armenians were killed by the Young Turks after the fall of the Ottoman caliphate, while Turks were exterminating Greeks in Asia Minor at the same time. Twenty million died during the Chinese Civil War. Two and a half million Korean civilians died during the Korean War. A million Cambodians died during the Khmer Killing Fields. Two million Vietnamese died during the Vietnam War.

The twentieth century was a shitshow of horror, almost entirely carried out by fanatical atheist utopians whose ideologies were derivatives of some form of Marxism.

Yet all of that gets memory-holed, pushed to the side, by a society which is increasingly forced to prostrate itself before the suffering of one group in one country over a period of four years.

Rather than abate over the years, the guilt industry only ramps up over time. Rather than fading from memory, the Holocaust is the only historical event in all of human history which is becoming more prominent over time, rather than less.

And there is a reparations industry which funnels billions and billions of dollars to both Israel and Jewish communities around the world for this one particular incident.

And there are ever more elaborate ways devised over time to ensure that the incident cannot be overcome by the group who experienced it and must be paid for even by groups, such as non-Nazis, who had nothing to do with it.

And this distortion of the historical narratives we tell ourselves is starting to lead to tyrannical censorship and legislation similar to what we saw in those same blood-soaked Eurasian countries over the course of the twentieth century.

It never ends, like some sort of continuous religious ceremony we must all endure, and increasingly feel responsible for.

And it’s starting to get silly. Post-It notes are now leading to police investigations.

And all of it begins in the classroom.

History teachers hold a lot of power, even if they don’t realise it. I know, I was one for years. The narratives we tell our kids create our collective future, and it was seeing what school history was becoming that first led me down the redpill path and eventually out of the matrix.

We make choices about what historical narratives we pass on. We could, for example, teach our students about Israeli espionage against Western countries since its creation.

Or we could choose to teach kids about the Lavon Affair.

Or the King David Hotel bombing, in which Jewish terrorists blew up 93 people, including British soldiers, to force the creation of the state of Israel.

Or we could teach kids about what was done to the Palestinians during the Naqba in 1948, many of them Christians, and what’s been done to them since.

Or we could teach kids in school about Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, an unarmed spy ship sent to monitor the Six Day War in 1967. On a clear blue day and with the ship flying an enormous American flag, visible for miles, Israeli jets, torpedo boats and helicopters launched waves of attacks against the ship in an unsuccessful effort to sink it. President LBJ and Secretary of Defence McNamara were aware the attack was planned, and it’s clear given the immediate cover-up and lack of acknowledgement of what was done to the sailors on board the Liberty that this was a crime. Israel and Zionist traitors within the US elite, in a manner reminiscent of 9/11, colluded create a false flag event which would have brought the USA into the war against Egypt.

It seems the USSR was aware the US might enter the war, and they had placed a significant number of naval vessels in the Eastern Mediterranean at the same time. Many of the Arab countries were allied with Russia, and America attacking Egypt would most likely have precipitated World War III. When you find out how much firepower the Liberty endured, it’s clear to me that God Himself stopped that boat from going down.

TruNews recently did a two-part series on the USS Liberty massacre which is well worth a listen. Hopefully one day kids will learn about these events in school, so we can come to an understanding of history based on truth, rather than propaganda.

Particularly chilling was the eyewitness account that Israeli commandos were laughing at the ship from their helicopters while the attack was going on. America was Israel’s ally. Can you imagine Aussie soldiers doing that to an ally? Who does that?

This is not about hating on ‘the Jews’. There were Jewish analysts on board the ship murdered by those Israeli criminals too. Jews suffer just as much as the rest of us from these distorted historical narratives, which create fear and hatred on both sides. Only the truth can set us free from the dangerous path the suppression of the truth has put us on.

It’s not healthy for Jewish kids to be indoctrinated with the belief that non-Jews are all out to get them. And it’s not healthy for non-Jewish kids to be indoctrinated with the belief that we’re uniquely evil because of unique historical Jewish suffering. It’s toxic for everyone.

You can’t keep bullying people into accepting a way of thinking that paints them as evil forever. Eventually, even the most passive of victims will tire of such narcissistic abuse. And when they do, unfortunately, they often do so angrily.

And no-one wants that. No-one sane, anyway.

This is why it’s imperative that we be able to reasonably and proportionally challenge these distorted historical narratives. If we cannot do that, we are not an open or free society anymore.

If the cultural elites want to go down that road, fine. But beware. There’s no telling where that road leads.

For those of you who know that these historical narratives need challenging but don’t see the relevance to the broader culture war, think again. They’re at the heart of it.

These distorted historical narratives are not just relevant to Jewish supremacism and the anti-Semitism shakedown racket. They are foundational to Western Marxism itself. If you want to overthrow the superstructure which provides such immense power to the anti-white left, you have to be willing to take on these distorted historical narratives.

You might get called a Nazi though. If that scares you, remember that you are descended of diggers, Crusaders, Vikings and Angles.

Remember that those who control the past control the future.

And never forget the USS Liberty.

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