Leftist journalist who mocked pizzagate arrested for pedophilia


The Satanic globopedo pyramid of power is real fam.

From now on I’m going by the assumption that anyone with ‘pizza’ in their Twitter handle and a bio that says something like “poly/pan/pervy” is into teaching 7 year old girls about masturbation and anal sex. That’s pretty much where my head’s at now.

Could be any soy latte-sipping inner-urban sophisticate you might see lingering at a comic con in a My Little Pony shirt on the weekend.

Such a wholesome face. As you’d expect, his Twitter feed is a ramble of moralistic talking points about how bad Christians are, etc, etc, etc.

That’s not the ‘Biblical standard’, Pete. It’s the Talmudic one. Big difference.

It’s always the loudest virtue-signallers who have the most to hide.

I first broke the pizzagate story back in 2016 but gave up writing about it once it became apparent that nothing was going to happen. America was never going to be great again, she was never going to get locked up, the Trump swamp is the Bush swamp 2.0 and we’re still ruled like cattle by Goldman Sachs or the shape-shifting lizards or whatever else bloody euphemism we’re going to use for who controls the money, the culture, the government, the establishment and the military.

While we RWNJ Christians were breathlessly waiting for the next QAnon ‘drop’ to show us that justice was about to break over the land, globotard Satanic leftists were breathlessly waiting for the next Russiagate revelation, which gay Jewess Rachel Maddow was assuring them would put the Bad Orange Man away for life.

Everyone waiting, breathlessly.

And nothing happened.

Doesn’t that make you wonder?

Just a bit?

Like, maybe we all got played by the same group of people? Or something.

I dunno.

If you still have hope that our society can be fixed, you’re never going to be able to accept the truth that this is the end. It’s over, boyim. We had a good run. We out-conquered Genghis, we out-built Augustus and we out-governed Qin Shi Huangdi.

If history was a game that ended at 2000, we’d have gotten the high score. Now it’s to the Han bugman space imperium to see if they can beat it.

And while we wait for the righteous pillars of divine fire from the sky to finish us off, we’ve got to put up with potato-faced kiddie fuckers like Peter Bright telling us what’s wrong with society.

The culture which creates human bacteria like Peter Bright is not ‘secular’. We don’t live in a secular society. Secularism is indifferent to Christianity. It can take it or leave it. That’s not the nature of the spirit which has taken over the minds of our people.

The spiritual and ideological force which has swept over our institutions and captured our societies since the 60s is not indifferent to God’s moral law. It is hostile to it. It hates it.

This force is not secular. It is Satanic. It is the subversion and inversion of Christian civilisation.

Evil prospers when good men are retarded. When good men are complacent. When good men are scared of being called names, or being laughed at by the arseholes chatting their kids up online.

Our societies are governed by evil people because the good men were more interested in sportsball, beard oil and house renos than facing hard truths.

Kiddie rape is the logical endpoint for a society intentionally inverting the moral law of God.

I’ve Transitioned Into An Alien

This is Jareth. Jareth identifies as an ‘alien’ 👽

Posted by Hooked On The Look on Friday, 7 June 2019

It’s where things have to go as the logic of anti-Christianity unfolds.

If only we could find out what group is behind this intentional subversion and inversion of God’s moral law.

It’s a real mystery who’s behind it all.

I sure hope we find out soon.

Originally published at www.endtimesherald.com.