How to paint like an abortionist


Although it’s becoming yet another far-left echo chamber for the subhuman victims of postmodern leftism, YouTube is still pretty awesome.

Got to drive to some dodgy, vibrant suburb for a spicy meal? Sorted. Need to change your aquarium water? Done. Curious about how to paint like an abortionist?

Wow turns out that’s covered too.

What a legend. The video has 145K views at time of writing. [Update, 217K.] You can even bid on the painting on eBay for a few days more. Last I checked you could pick up that masterpiece for a bit over US$200.

For as long as I’ve been alive, Christians have been on the back foot in the culture war. We’ve been falling back before a blitzkrieg of logical fallacies, putdowns, projections and ad hominem attacks from Hollyweird, the media, the entertainment industry and pretty much anyone who went through the university indoctrination machine. They’ve been winning, and we’ve had to watch while they turned our wives and kids into weirdos, destroyed our heritage and sought to erase our memory from the planet.

Our anti-Christian enemies didn’t bother engaging in philosophical dialectic to advance their agenda. While we tried to engage with ideas, they engaged with emotions.

Their primary weapon was laughter.


And then one day, for no reason at all, the people decided they’d had enough. I place the turning point at 2016, particularly around the American election.

Although he’s turned out to be a complete phony, Trump changed the culture for good.

Now it’s our turn to laugh.

It’s weird though that the free speech-loving utopian world improvers who mocked Christianity out of the classroom, the court house and the TV studio don’t like it when we mock their idols and slaughter their sacred cows.

It’s almost like it was never about freedom of expression. Like all this time that was all bullshit, and all it was ever about was destroying Christian morality and replacing it with sexualised children, ubiquitous racial tension and baby murder.

Like that was the plan the whole time.

But whose plan?

Whoever it was, they really care a lot about killing babies.

Many people credit the current rebellion against globohomo baby murder, like with the legislation we’re seeing in Alabama recently, as being driven by improved ultrasound technology. That may be partly true, however the horror and trauma of abortion has been understood for decades.

Three generations of women have now been wounded by it. A woman is never the same afterward, no matter how much she pretends or rationalises it away. It’s a gaping wound in the soul that only the grace of God can heal.

We’ve been killing ourselves physically and spiritually for decades, bewitched by lies from the forked tongues of devils. And now, that time of darkness is coming to an end.

Heaven help those whose role in such wickedness is revealed by the light.

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